Hot Sauna & Cold Spring Rolls

Hot Sauna & Cold Spring Rolls

We had a nice evening at the Blankenese Pool and Sauna this week. You’ll have to go to the link as I couldn’t hijack any images to show. We started with a few laps in the 25 meter pool to stretch out. Whether alone or surrounded by excited children, we always enjoy this beautiful floor to ceiling windowed, light filled  building. France too has wonderful pools throughout the city but Germans really prioritize health through hydrotherapy and wellness centers. One can even take an insurance paid ‘wellness’ trip.

Followed by a swim we head to the steam room a little before 5.30pm to get warmed up. I like to open those dirty, clogged pores that I’ve been slathering with creams and oils to fight the cold weather. We breath in humid, steamy air while we wait for the attendant to come with little bowls of salt.

Armed with salt, we scrub that layer of dead skin with little remorse .. the bodies largest organ of elimination (the skin) rewards us feeling as silky as a baby’s butt. Each of us have a go at our own bodies, and O and I finish doing each other’s backs. We sit on little face cloth sized towels in a small room and I do my best to remain silent. The salt pulls beads of sweat out of our skin and we are soon seriously dripping. If we time it right, little pots of honey are offered next. I could do this every week. Great stuff.

I’ll mention here, there are a few beauty care pieces I’ve yet to pull together in this country. For instance, I wanted to ask the lady who entered the steam room just after us, where she gets her bikini wax but a) it’s hard to get the right words out in German and b) it might leave her feeling a bit hesitant to take the last seat on the tiled bench next to me. So I didn’t. I’ve really learned to think before speaking since living here. This has been a very positive lesson for me. Normally I am a serious/funny kind of a female wise cracker and it doesn’t always work… in English. And forget it in German.  Click here if you want to read about my first and only waxing experience… Wax on wax off- an experience. This is optional reading… not just something you want to accidentally scroll to at the bottom of the page.

Let’s continue…Next is the main hot dry sauna. Each hour there is a special aroma and steam procedure. Citrus, eucalyptus, lemongrass. I was one of three women and eleven men sitting naked and close together. Large, thin, hairy backs,  all shapes and sizes but nobody cares. We had a chamomile/ elderflower mix. These guys do an ausbildung(internship/training) for this… Most German people who don’t attend University will complete an internship in something, even if you work at the grocery store. I’ve only seen men doing this job. They come in with towel skirts or shorts and scoop scented water onto the hot coals, then wave and snap a towel (not the one on their waist). The scented heat wafts across my face. I cover it with my hands, feel the heat, breath deeply and concentrate on nothing. Sometimes, ice chips are offered. I eat them and hold them against the souls of my feel and back of my neck, feeling them instantly melt.

In the fifteen minutes, that had felt like sixty, I had moved from the third step to the first.  Heart rates up, we exit with the sauna guy. We head to the showers and choose warm, ice cold or my favorite, the rain cycle. A mix of warm and cool water that varies between a pitter patter and pelting against my skin. With skin washed, we don our robes, take an apple or grape juice, sometimes a tea over to the lounge chairs and rest. I try to focus on a mantra.. om nama shivaya… instead of writing this post. But I also try not to fight my thoughts. I try to let them flow through. If I say the mantra in my head I can stop thinking for a few minutes and I feel relief.

We relaxed here for a good 30-40 minutes. Sometimes we go for a second round but that night Chloe was at home on her own and had been on a bike ride, or so I thought. I’m a bit of a paranoid and since we couldn’t be reached by phone – I was not 100% relaxed. So we called it a night and headed home for spring rolls, green salad and quinoa salad.

I used rice paper, glass noodles, napa cabbage, red cabbage, orange and purple carrots, red and yellow peppers, cilantro, mint and basil.

Here’s the process of dipping the rice paper in warm water. The trick is getting it wet and elastic but not over doing it or it cracks. These photos were taken by Chloe 🙂

Swish it around in the water then carefully let the excess water drip off. Then I lay it on a stone tile or a plate would work.

I’ve got all my very thinly sliced veggies, cooked shrimp, rice noodles and herbs ready to fill the wraps. I start with the shrimp and mint leaves. Honestly though, sometimes I forget the order between the one hundred and twenty seconds it takes from one roll to the next. Like this one for instance, I put the mint on first and didn’t notice till processing my picks…

Then some cooked glass noodles…

Your veggies, cilantro and basil….Thai basil is the best here but couldn’t find any this day.

Now we begin to roll. I pull the ends up on each side…

Then fold the side closest to me up…

Tuck it in and roll…

Roll it as tight as you can without busting the wrapper. This might take one or two practice rolls…

Here’s what you’ll have on the inside… note shrimp coming out. These were my rolls shot the next day as I ran out of good light. They still tasted great but the wrapper degrades a little. They are a super lunch though. You want to wrap them tight in plastic wrap to store.

These were so much fun to take photos of and edit. Glorious color. Think of all the vitamins!

I eat them with thai chili sauce… I could drink the stuff. love it so much.

Ok last one… probably..

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    • I literally took about 60 photos. Couldn’t stop. I just started using Lightroom too and that made it even more fun. I can spend HOURS editing photos. And those wrappers… I did wad up a few and toss them. What I really wanted to do was throw them on the ceiling and watch them stick. Never forget the day my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Pease caught me throwing wet paper wads on the ceiling. Will always be a child.


      • HA – brilliant. I’ve never thrown anything at a ceiling to watch it stick, I now feel like I’ve never lived. I do happen to have some rice wrappers at home, though…


    • Thanks. These are fun to make but a little time consuming. I could eat them everyday if someone else was making them. Makes you feel 100% healthy!Nice to see a new face- I like your site. I’m going to send your link to a very creative friend who recently bought a press.


  1. Wow … That one went through the entire life cycle … the full Monty on steroids. I was pleasantly reminded of my enjoyable encounter at the Pool and Sauna, with the towel snapping and all of the “wise cracks” I managed to swallow! The food, as always looks as good as I’m sure it tastes. Nice piece and top creds to Chloe on the pics.


  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you for ending with the pictures of the spring rolls because the visualsI was entertaining of sitting naked in a sauna with hairy men was not pretty.

    The spring rolls look delicious! The photos are great and tantalizing.

    I wish the USA had the same emphasis on saunas and hydrotherapies minus the hairy men. ; )


  3. wov … it’s like thoose spring rolls just jump out at me – want WANT! Fanastic photos – can feel the crispiness and taste the flavours. I do a dip sauce from creme fraiche and sweet chili sauce – mixed it sometimes with grilled chicken and spring onion – and eat it baked potato


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    • Thanks. I love making them and once you get the hang of it, it’s really just a matter of prep. Great site you guys have and I look forward to checking it out a little closer. Your ‘about’ picture is heartbreakingly sweet.


  5. These are without doubt the most colourful and stunning rolls I’ve ever seen – I want to take a bite out of the screen! I adore fresh rolls and can’t wait to try them with red cabbage in!


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    • Hey there… thanks. I like what you have going on at Putney Farm and will stay in touch. Our big garden was on Orcas Island. Beautiful but a bit far away. Having your big garden and being close to the city sounds pretty sweet.
      Loved your reply to ‘do you live off the grid’… I was unplugged for about 2 years a long time ago. Can I do it? yes. Do I want to? no.


      • Thanks. Off the grid can be tough- and we still like creature comforts.

        Orcas must have been beautiful. Lovely area.

        We enjoy your blog, glad we found it…


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