Rumblings, Frogs & Scones

Rumblings, Frogs & Scones

I know you are asking, “What the….?” Well, I’ll tell you. First off, it started this morning reading Joy the Baker. She wrote this week about rumblings and the desire to shake things up a bit in her world. Now here is a blogger who is doing quite well in my book. Popular writer, lives in a sunny place and has a new cookbook ready to order that’s getting good reviews and she has rumblings? And did I mention young? I know I’m simplifying, and we don’t know the complexities we all face in life. But I do wonder, do rumblings, stirrings, the need to shake things up a bit seem to permeate all people irrelevant of age, stage of life, success or gender? Or can it be pinned to a certain personality type? Are there people continuously satisfied with life? I’m not talking about happiness but satisfaction. Or do they go hand and hand?

Frogs came to the forefront today when I went out for a little nordic walking and saw these signs that are posted annually in March to protect the wee ones crossing the road. Is that sweet or what. They even put up an eight inch barrier and cover the manholes so the little guys don’t drop in.  This is a sign for me in Hamburg, that spring is on the way.

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