Good eats in New York City

I’ve been dying to get my NYC food pics out. Bone marrow. There I said it. I had been a little leary to try it. I’ve tasted a fair amount of off the grid foods- brains and tongue included, which never made my list of must have again. But this bone marrow with salty, delicate gherkins, fresh parsley, moist (and there’s the m word) grey salt with perfectly toasted bread- my guess under a salamander, was divine indeed. My friends are tired of hearing me talk about. It’s my dinner party topic. But I just can’t help it. And no, this is not an April Fools!

NYC March 2013 Food-2

Lucky with a last minute reservation for two at Prune in the East village, this was the spot where the opportunity struck.


I would highly recommend it if you are a meat eater and mostly recommend it for vegetarians- especially if you are dining with a meat eater!  This marrow as an appetizer would be easily shared. It’s for that select group who actually adore chicken skin and beef fat. How many are totally grossed out now? Well stop reading if you are because the next course was an Easter prelude… and not the religious kind. (well depends on your religion I suppose).

Rabbit in a little mustard butter sauce with tarragon and shallots…

NYC March 2013 Food-3My son dined on a green salad and plain omelette. A big thank you to him for indulging me 🙂

We shared a darling chocolate salted caramel walnut tart… yes we ate half before i remembered a photo.

NYC March 2013 Food-4

One morning for brunch at

NYC March 2013 Food-5It’s truly amazing, the amount of cool, petit restaurants in the city.

NYC March 2013 Food-6It was almost noon and after a big dinner the night before, I had fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and ceviche…Candied ginger on top actually worked.

NYC March 2013 Food-7There was another brunch (because this is the thing to do on the weekends) at Minetta Tavern. Poached eggs with lox on latkes with hollandaise. Around for ages, Minetta is old school with tailored staff and  impeccable service. The food was very good albeit a little pricey.

Damn you woman, take a photo before you start eating!

NYC March 2013 Food-10And this was my favorite find for the quotidien… daily life. A dirty chai- why didn’t I think of that! A chai latte with a shot of espresso. Bravo.
NYC March 2013 Food-12And last but not least, another favorite food moment in the park. Fresh sourdough rye, lemon marmalade and a  goat tomme cheese at Union Square.

NYC March 2013 Day 1-4I’m ordering up a storm with loads of merchandise arriving at the store. Exciting!! Here’s a little pic with the beginnings of fixtures…


Tschüß xx

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17 responses

  1. New York has so many incredibly good restaurants…from tiny local hangouts to the popular ones that it is impossible to get a reservation at. You ate very well…good for you!


  2. Oddly enough, even though I’m a veggie, I have eaten bone marrow. In my pre-veggie years, my Baba would make pigs-feet jelly. What a treat to stand on that chair by the stove and suck all the marrow. Thanks for the fab memory, and the store is looking great!


  3. you are a far more adventurous eater than I but I love Prune and been frequenting the Minetta Tavern since the ’80’s (yikes). Can’t wait to see what you do to your new shop!


  4. Oh.. I’m most excited about your store!! That would be a dream for me to own one! And here you are doing so! I’m happy for you! And excited! (can you tell?) Ok, but about that rabbit.. let’s not go there. Dirty Chai! What another great idea, I’m ordering one tomorrow, does it taste fantasic? It looks like it would??


  5. Love this report …. and now I have added some wee places to my list. I’m glad you tried Bone marrow – because I love it. Big thing in UK too .. and in Chicago. I had since I lived with my grandparents. You shop is coming on greatly – can wait to see when it’s all filled up. So excited for you. I liked that you took a photo after you had eaten half the dish – nothing wrong in that what so ever. Rabbit is another of my favorite meats. Have to try one of those Dirty Chai .. when I’m back in the city. Wonderful to hear from you.


  6. Too much deliciousness in this post, it’s making me salivate. And yes, that marrow does look delicious. I know it exists even if it were an April Fool’s I would want to try it. I don’t know where you could eat it at a restaurant but I never waste a bit if I’m cooking anything that has yumminess in the bones 😉 Can’t wait to see the new things going on with the shop!


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