farm update- kids are coming (goats that is)

We are on our second day of sun. Well, dry and partly sun at least. It has been a very long rainy season- like for reals not just “seems like the wettest year EVER!” We have all been sloshing through mud and we are over it. #Mudzen.

Here’s a glimpse of most of the farm fam… Click here to see where this began.


Add some chickens in there and our land mates’ Blue Healer, Jasper.


 Dinah and Otto looking rather dapper.

Nena on the left and Jane- both full Nubian- enjoying a moment of sun this week.

Dinah and Shirley with actual shadows do to this orange ball in the sky.

If you’ve been keeping up on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook– you might already know these guys are all PREGGERS in a big way. They are due in the next 2-7 days- follow along on one of the above.


The last of the stored apples… never you mind the dump run pile back there.

Our newest girl Else (pronounced Elza). Ollie named her:) Else LOVES attention.

And loves to stick her rough, black on top, pink on bottom tongue in the bucket when it’s getting filled.

And we are all VERY excited about the new digs. Yes- we are  building a REAL barn! Else seeing if she fits.

Otis and Else

Otis after a proper romp in everything mud.

He likes his baths.

Chickens are back to earning their keep… giving us these eggs that make me never want to eat an egg from anything other than on organic, really free-ranging hen again. The chickens get a little flax seed in their Scratch and Peck grain feed. The yolks are intense and nutritious. EAT the YOLKS folks (bumper sticker coming soon)! I made a little goat cheese from frozen milk- not as good as fresh but it worked. Yogurt too.

Our weekend no knead sourdough wheat loaf- this one with walnuts…

and top with these…

I forgot the chives- the only thing growing in the garden- although sorrel & rhubarb is coming out.

Sorry – got distracted by food again. We’ll say goodbye now. xx


15 responses

  1. 😀 Hahaha, Otto, Else and Nena…
    Do I detect some German there?
    Hope your animals will be doing well and keeping you busy 😉
    I’ll be back, looking forward to seeing and reading what has happened.
    Tschuess aus Wien 🙂


    • The eggs are lovely. We each eat two a day. I can’t wait to start milking and cheesemaking as well. We’ll have plenty to go around. And possibly raw cow milk in a couple years… I’ve learned to be very patient!


  2. I have just finished a goat curry post. It will go up over the next couple of weeks. Very tasty indeed. I am delighted to see goat meat becoming more available here in Ireland. Love your omelet and those eggs are as they should be, for sure.


    • Yes- we put one of our whethers in the freezer this year. It was a very conscious decision but we didn’t want to give him to someone else to eat. I researched the nutritional values as well and goat meat is really good- it’s just the idea people have a hard time with. I read somewhere they should advertise it as “Caribbean Lamb”. We ate shanks this week. The ground meat is good as are chops- it does not have to be gamey. And just because we got a calf and adore her we are also not going to stop eating steaks. So here we are. cheers… wendy

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  3. It’s so beautiful where you are Wendy! Muddy, yes, but beautiful. More sunny days coming outside, but you must feel very sunny on the inside when you look at your healthy naturally living animals. They are adorable!


  4. Now that looks like one big happy family, only one missing is Ollie. I agree with you about eggs from free range chickens. We had a friend that used to give them to us each week when we lived in New Hampshire…so good.


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