Star Route Kitchen

Welcome to Star Route Kitchen!

Here you will find info on our weekly delivery of made from scratch whole foods for you and your family. Our menus will move through the seasons using what we can from our gardens here at Star Route and locally on the island. Proteins will often come from local farms. In the off season, I start the shopping at the Orcas co-op. All purchased ingredients will be organic when available. You will be eating as we do here on the farm. Fresh eggs & dairy products in season, sourdough breads, clean meats from healthy, happy  farms, and more.  You’ll also see citrus, olive oil, chocolate- and other wonderful foods we can’t grow here! My desire for flavor exceeds my commitment to locally grown.

Star route kitchen’s food club is a way to introduce new flavors into your everyday eating. Diverse menus that provide nourishment, taste good and will lift you outside of your daily food habits. We want to share the joy of eating organic, from scratch, whole foods.


Current rates through March 31st,  2018 are $55/week

Includes each week:

  • 1 quart of soup
  • 4 pints of prepared foods:  roughly a protein, a grain/starch, and 2 veggies
  • Extras: a condiment, cheese or something sweet/snacky

ADD ONS: If you would like more of something you can add to your delivery when available

  • Quarts- soup- $12 / Bone broth- $10
  • Pints – protein- $8-10 grains & veggies- 7-8$
  • Bread- full loaf $7 / half loaf $4
  • Ferments/sauerkraut  $10/qt
  • Fermented drinks/shrubs – please inquire
  • Misc- We may throw out some options in the newsletter such as quiche, frittata, yogurt.  OR ASK!


  • Cheese-  $7-$15
  • Eggs – $6.50/doz
  • Ice cream-  small(½ pint)6$ / lg(pint)$12  (generally May through October)


Food is delivered in jars and we’ll set up for reusing these on a weekly basis. Please wash your jars before returning them in your delivery bag. We’ll do our best to keep away from plastic but sometimes it’s the best thing for the job!

DELIVERY– Tuesday afternoons I’ll start at OIRealty at 3. I can deliver in town for free. And if you want it directly deposited in your fridge I’m happy to do that for an $8 delivery fee if that seems reasonable… or less if you’re close to town.

New folks can try one week to see if it works before committing to a regular basis(I’m open but need to plan). Ideally, I’m getting a commitment at the beginning of the month. Base rate through 12/31/17 is $50/wk generally paid in advance. Add-ons will be billed at the end of the month and are priced as follows:

Menus are sent on Sunday. If you have any allergies let me know. And if there’s something you have a hankering for let me know that too!

Here’s a little idea of what we’re offering for locals on the island.

Please contact me via email: with questions or suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by! wendy






Barley Mushroom Soup

Frittata (roasted tomato, squash, chevre)

Quinoa Salad (black bean, mango, corn)

Zucchini salad (apple, parsley, lemon)

Carrot & Beet (shredded, honey, cider vinegar)

Sauerkraut (white cabbage, salt, juniper berries)

Coffee goat milk ice cream (goat milk, coconut milk, sugar, eggs, dark roast coffee)

Sourdough w/ sunflower


White Bean & sausage soup

Chicken Salad (red cabbage, lime, mayo)

Quinoa Salad(feta, cucumber, tomato, kalamata)

Kale Salad (hazelnuts, parmesan, apple)

Beets & Greens (roasted beets&greens, honey, balsamic)

Cabecou style goat cheese (olive oil, herbs)

Roasted Tomato (olive oil, garlic,)

Sourdough w/ sesame


Chicken & Mushroom soup (tamarind, ginger, galangal)

Flank steak & red kuri squash (roasted daikon, bok choy)

Soba noodles (sesame dressing, green onion, red pepper)

Collards and bok choy tops (grated apple, pickled rhubarb)


Red cabbage slaw (fennel, carrot, lime)

Crottin style goat cheese

Sourdough au natural


Coconut Fish Stew

Sliced pork (tomatillo, onion, cilantro)

Farro (red kuri, apple, walnut, spinach)

Kale Salad (tomato, mushroom, almonds, pecorino)

Roasted Cauliflower & Sunchokes (lemon, parsley)

Harvest Granola (pumpkin, maple, coconut, pecan and …)

goat milk ice cream

(ginger, galangal, candied ginger)

Whole Wheat sourdough


beef & bean minestrone

chicken salad (rosemary, lemon, pomegranate)

potato salad (tarragon, capers, vinaigrette)

chard salad (red cabbage, apple, parsnip, fermented stems)

beets (citrus, shallots, parsley)

sauerkraut (red or white)

goat cheese

walnut sourdough

All packed up and ready to go!


week 7

roasted carrot soup (coconut milk, ginger, turmeric)

sliced & shredded pork (slow cooked, cider, spices)

black beans & “rice”(cauliflower, pickled pumpkin)

cabbage & greens (olive oil, tamari)

red cabbage & jicama slaw (lime vinaigrette, green onion)

tomatillo salsa

booster shot (ginger, turmeric, lemon, coconut wate)r