The Broad Museum LA

Exploring under the sun and feeling its warmth was, I must say, overdue. The first day however, was pouring, which in Los Angelos led to bus accidents and road closures. We had the good fortune of holding reservations for the Jasper Johns exhibit at The Broad.

The paintings below struck me enough to take photos. Can one honestly articulate why in an abstract? I might say the vibrancy of the colors drew me in. The first photo here was the last that I sat with. Really sat with and looked at while waiting for Ollie and Chloe. It was a good reminder as to how many details can be seen when one sits, gets still and, observes.

And my favorite- the hanging NO

One large, simple NO.

LA to be continued… x wendy



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  1. Wow, what great pictures!! Did I ever tell you that when I was in college, I wrote to Jasper Johns and he wrote me back.. a handwritten letter! Unfortunately I have no idea where that letter is, I looked and looked years ago. I had written him about a philosopher, Kierkegard, whom I was impressed with..and a K. quote, “That 2 +2 is not always 5 is a charming thing” [or something close to that]. I’d seen an article about Jasper Johns also liking K. so I wrote to him and was shocked he answered me personally! Always wanted to meet him, never did. Anyhow great that you enjoyed his paintings! Love Mom


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