Finding beauty in January

It’s easy to feel a little low energy on these gray January days despite the increasing 1-2 minutes of light each day.  I needed to bring in a little positive vibe and motivation so I took my camera around the property on a little discovery tour. January can be beautiful too.

I started in the garden. Kale trees in the rear. Chard debating whether to start growing again. Red cabbage planted out in July,  I’m hoping it will overwinter and grow cabbages in spring.

I’m hoping the broccoli, also planted in July, will put off early spring shoots.

This little broccoli head stopped growing a couple months ago but is still strong and green. Any chance it would still form a head? (Not a rhetorical question!)

Overall view of muddy, wet garden just for winter reference.

Moving to the pasture…Irene is tired of the mud I’m sure.

Else loves pumpkins and doesn’t appear to even notice the mud.

Sometimes they share…sort of.

On to the barn…This barn we are loving was built by Drew Reed on Orcas. It’s high and dry. One day I’ll post the project in full. We started in a very wet March 2017 and finished Sept 17.. tbc

down below the barn the goats eating leftover veggie bits from Star Route Kitchen.

On up and around to the backside of the property to the pond.

The pond overflows this time of the year…

And creates these beautiful forces of water.

I met with friends this week and took away ideas, support, motivation and some good laughs. One thing in particular we talked about, around planning, was scheduling in time to just think and daydream- like Socrates and the Greek philosophers did. They weren’t just sitting around doing nothing. They were only creating the basics of our modern philosophy. I know I need this time as well and it’s hard to prioritize it because you aren’t “doing” –  you’re not even meditating. I think it’s something missing for many, as even the short free moments, in the elevator, filling up the gas tank, or waiting in lines, we are plugged in. I’m going to sit and stare out the window- at least a few times a week and channel some greek philosophers.

Any suggestions or thoughts on how you like to daydream? And keep it nice!

Want to hear a fantastic podcast?  Tom Hanks on Beautiful Writer’s Mind.

Winter! Do your work- for the money and the soul (maybe you’re fortunate enough that it’s the same thing), your tasks, your yoga, your meditation, your care giving, your workouts… and remember to make time to just daydream. You’ll like it:)


Lighter shades of gray for just a little longer  each day now.  Weather Underground

  • SUNRISE: 7:50 AM    SUNSET: 4:59 PM
  • Length of Visible Light: 10 h 17 m
  • Length of Day: 9 h 08 m
  • Tomorrow will be 2 minutes 42 seconds longer




18 responses

  1. This is so beautiful ! I am wondering if your broccoli are not “turnip greens” brocoli rave in French or cime di rapa in Italian… If so, the heard are just flowers and the leaves will be delicious with pasta ! (I have a recipe for you if you want…). 🙂

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    • I grew some rabe this year and it was so interesting looking. I have a photo on instragram. I think that’s the same as sprouting broccoli. It was like little florets. To be honest I need to go research and see what I grew. I’ll make an intention to plant rabe this year!

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  2. Your post reminded me of spring mud season in New England when everything was soggy, the car was never clean and I couldn’t wait for the daffodils to pop out of the ground and give some color to our lives.

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  3. Lovely insight into both your place and your thoughts Wendy. Many years ago, I studied and practiced transcendental meditation. I found it to be fantastic. Life got in the way of the habit. In more recent years, I have taken to (like many daft old guys around here) long distance cycling. I live right beside the Wicklow Mountains, so I get to do a fair bit of climbing on the bike. Going across the mountains in the wind, cold and wet on my own, when I can only concentrate on turning the pedals one more time, brings me to the same meditative place. Mind you, sitting and staring out the window is a lot easier.
    Stay well,

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