Wild Island Wild Life

It’s been a year of food no doubt. Recipes and menus galore. Cooking everyday for home and business. The year began with Star Route Kitchen and is ending with Wild Island Restaurant. Photos were taken on a regular basis and posted on FB, Instagram and sometimes tweeted but sitting down to write a blog post obviously didn’t happen. I came to peace with it. For the most part. Though I missed/miss the writing time, it never made the cut.  This led me to reflect on the presence of my blog and others. How the platform has shifted. How we have even less time to read  posts or less attention span. Am I speaking only for myself? There is just so much information available to us 24/7. Wonderful and exhausting at the same time.

I’ve made promises to myself to write regularly and they stuck about as long as a New Year’s diet. I also turned 50 this year which I have a couple draft posts about. I even thought about “catching up” and filling in this last 8 month gap. Why? Because I think in five years “people” would be reading the history wondering well what did she do from March-Dec 2018? Yeah- I let that one go.

So that brings me to now. What do I want to write? What do I have time to write? What’s relevant to a reader here and/or what moves me to write despite who reads it. Does it keep a personal edge, does it stay strictly business, do I shut it down, do I change the name… etc.  As of  this date, I’ve cycled through a few life chapters since starting this blog in the fall of 2011 in Hamburg, Germany. And it’s all here to peruse. How bizarre is that?

Have I already lost everyone but my family? There’s no enticing pictures yet:)

I’m going to stop here. I might write again soon and start the Wild Island story. I’d tell you about it being my favorite restaurant since it opened in January 2017.  And how several years prior I started plans for an organic juice bar. I’d tell you that on August 8th 2018, it was on the front porch you see here that we were presented with the possibility of buying the business.

cheers, wendy


10 responses

  1. Hey Wendy, Nice to here from you, thinking of you time to time. With people like you the world is a better place says Anke from Hamburg/Riva.

    Herzliche Grüße Anke Ihr Team Tischlein deck dich

    Tischlein deck dich Theodorstraße 41 E 22761 Hamburg

    Tel./ Fax: 040 – 88 16 83 66 E-Mail: kontakt@tdd-th Web:www.tischleindeckdich-theodorhof.de

    > Gesendet: Mittwoch, 05. Dezember 2018 um 17:36 Uhr


  2. Congratulations on Wild Island! It’s exciting watching, hearing and enjoying it’s new evolution. May 2019 be a successful year full of balance in all things good. Cheers!


  3. 🙂 Dear Wendy,
    so good to read from you! Happy to hear you’re still around enjoying your life.
    I’ll be back in Hamburg tomorrow for a couple of days. Will think of you when I’m there… might go to Lübeck for some Marzipan.
    Hope to read from you soon again!
    ‘All the best and Happy Holidays,
    Claudia 🙂


  4. It is inspiring to watch you straddle all of this at the same time serving all of us fabulous food. You make it look so effortless. Love you much! Sigrid


  5. I so completely and utterly relate to everything you say here. I have gone through the exact same thought processes. And I am no clearer. My blog sits there, but I rarely contribute to it, for all the reasons you enumerate. I miss the writing. But who is it for? And what does it serve? etc. etc. All your ventures sound lovely and REAL. Maybe we all need to give the digital realm a rest in honor of the real stuff. x


  6. Wendy, I have loved reading your old posts and this one as well. I know how life gets busy and I also hope you continue. I have not had a chance to tell you over the summer your plum cake inspired me to try a few as well. We love being neighbors int he wild Island hood. . . .


  7. So nice to hear from you again, Wendy! Was very pleasantly surprised to see this post in my reader. I agree that blogging as such has changed a lot in the past couple of years. I still keep mine up but admit that while I love taking food pics, I certainly could do without typing the posts to go with them. I find that Instagram is so much less time consuming than blogging but that fast paced platform to me is also one of the reasons our attention span regarding blog posts has decreased. I am guilty of browsing some blogs solely for picture inspiration and skimming over the text…
    I do hope to see you back here more often!


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