Shitake sesame kelp noodles

So what’s up with these kelp noodles.

I see references and recipes as far back as 2012 on Elana’s Pantry but they didn’t hit my radar till this past year and I still had only tried them a couple of times.  I put them on our Star Route Kitchen menu last week and to be honest, when I first pulled them, out I was a little nervous.

They require a little rinse and then I either cut them with scissors or with a knife.

I forgot just how crunchy they are. And not like a nutty, crackly, cookie or carrot crunch- it’s an indescribable crunchy rubber band sort of crunch. This is when they first come out of the package. Because it’s so hard to articulate what this kind of crunch is,  I took a video to let you hear it.

It’s hard to believe at first they are even edible. But once you let some sauce hang on these noodles for a bit, they soften and are quite delicious, hot or cold.

This was an intuitive recipe with almond butter, tahini, a spoonful of miso, sesame and olive oil, lemon, tamari, ginger, garlic and sesame seeds. The shiitakes were sautéed separately in sesame oil and seeds. The noodles were finished with more sesame seeds and green onions.

I’d say approx:

  • 1 T olive oil
  • 2T sesame oil
  • 2T almond butter
  • 2T tahini
  • 1 tsp miso
  • 1 tsp grated ginger
  • 1 tsp grated garlic
  • tamari to taste
  • handful of sesame seeds

We ate these though the week by the forkful straight from the fridge, underneath green lunch salads and one evening warmed up with chicken. Very versatile, healthy and light but satisfying.


x wendy


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    • You can whip it up in a cuisanart. I pulverize it about 5-8 min and add a little coconut oil. Approx 3c almonds, 1 T coconut oil. Trick is to do it long enough that the oils break free. Sometimes I shut down the machine a minute in the middle if it gets too warm. And it might need a little help knocking it off the sides of the bowl. cheers w

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