A morning bath

It was a long week. Yesterday I was on the couch for two hours dozing on and off with my husband and plain spacing out. I had to tear myself off the couch to go to a lovely, monthly workshop where I cut images from magazines and paste them to a card. I also get to spend time with good people there. Yet it felt overwhelming. I walked away from that not sure it was the place for me to be yesterday afternoon except that I read the magazines as much as I cut and pasted. And I may take a break on Oprah and subscribe to Vanity Fair.  I took away Bianca Jagger’s morning ritual of a hot bath and warm lemon water and threw in a dry body brush. It’s not going to happen everyday. But it hit me that taking that time to care for myself, when I feel most overwhelmed and unable to accomplish all that needs to be done may be the highest priority to be effective. Taking a brush to my skin and moving it in long sweeping strokes from the extremities towards the heart while drawing a bath, boiling water and squeezing lemon into it and then just sitting there in hot water, just sitting there and taking a few breaths and feeling grateful, that was important.

Joy, appreciation and abundance. That’s what I’m thinking about today. I’m at least trying to roll that in with picking up the produce, prepping at the restaurant, shopping for dad, picking out a wet christmas tree, decorating enough to remind us it’s the holidays, working on the logo and business plan, re-evaluating our health insurance, making time for friends and so on, etc etc. Far more tasks than time available so I pull out the time sensitive priorities and do the best I can. Don’t get me wrong – many of these things I love doing – they just require time.  I’m also simultaneously working on delegating, giving myself a pat on the back for what does get done and realizing/ recognizing this day will have a beginning, middle and end, no matter what I do or don’t do.

That’s all for today! No pictures even… imagine that.


ps… changed my mind. This is the card I made at Soul Collage yesterday afternoon.

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  1. A hot bath and warm lemon juice.. sound heavenly. So happy to hear you did that! So wise. Maybe you liked it enough to schedule it in. Browsing through your earlier blogs I saw that you talked about scheduling time to daydream. You were recommending it very highly. When I’m on overwhelm with more things to do than hours to do them, it helps to divide the list into days, even weeks.. to overcome the idea that ALL those things have to be done today and tomorrow.

    I love all the things that you are, Wendy. Love Mom


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