Last of Spain

Last of Spain

So I’ve reached the final post for Spain. Wie schade (German), quel dommage (French), qué lástima (Spanish), what a pity (English). Although we missed friends and family over the holidays, it was a wonderful experience, and the memories will last a lifetime.

The first pics are of our last day trying to make our way to the Macarena barrio. As I mentioned previously, I didn’t quite hit the desired target but the route we did take, amused us immensely. We found several craft markets as it was days before Three Kings Day, Dia de los Reyes Magos, which falls on January 6. The epiphany is as celebrated if not more that Christmas and New Year’s and you see many of these guys dangling from balconies. Combined with the crafts were always food. Great, right?





These donuts were the size of 2 fists!

Big bread at the same market...


A little salami to go with that bread...

And here was one ginormous jar of nutella. If only I had room for that too in my suitcase.  I mean this was really a big jar, not taken with some special wide angled photo lens, unless there’s one hidden on my iphone. btw, I like nutella on toast, bananas, crepes and a spoon.

We saw these local actors, I’m sure taking a break from their scenes in the local live Bélens (nativity scenes scattered throughout… like everywhere in Spain… but mostly with figurines like these. The live ones are special.

And lastly, weren’t we surprised to stumble into Plaza de la Encarnacion and this monumental “urban center” structure pictured below. It was completely off our radar. Here’s a couple of  links for some facts and very cool pics of the Metropol, designed by Berlin based architects, and recently completed in April 2011, after 6 years of construction. Metropole#2


Thanks for sharing the adventure.

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  1. Well done Wendy …..
    I’m sure your trip will be a living memory … and yes, you were missed here on Orcas where the Christmas decorations never made it out of the box. But hey, you can’t be in two places at once (unless your afflicted with disambiguation-split personality) and I’m happy that you and the family had such a wonderful and warm (weather) Christmas sans the frantic nature of YOUR usual last minute attempts to pull it all together. Hope your settling in for some more blogging on a wide range of thoughts, ideas and experiences.
    Love you loads … Dad


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