Buckwheat Crepes, Asparagus, Proscuitto,Gouda & Mornay

Buckwheat Crepes, Asparagus, Proscuitto,Gouda & Mornay

I’m coming through this time with what I had planned. Wonders never cease. And this time of year it seems the asparagus never cease! As I mentioned, we’ve got sweet little huts all over the village with green and white asparagus and strawberries.  In addition to the prolific stands, like three in a two block radius… brimming with freshness, we have loads of crisp spears and red fruits at the market four days a week! Today I’d like to feature…

Buckwheat Crepes, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Gouda, Proscuitto & Mornay

Our sweet little spargel stands…

For the filling I used about a dozen mixed green and white asparagus. I myself peel both the green and white spears. Here’s a how to shot.

 I also slice a couple thin, lengthwise and sauteed them separately for garnish…

Let’s start with the buckwheat crepes.

It’s a simple batter of:

2/3 buckwheat flour 
1/3 white flour 
3 eggs 
1 2/3 cup milk 
3 T melted butter plus a little more for frying crepes 
1/2 tsp salt
You can also substitute gluten free flours pretty easily.  
You'll get about 10 crepes in an 8" crepe pan.
I made the crepes, then sauteed the asparagus and about a cup of sliced button mushrooms. You can set them aside while making this basic mornay sauce.
2T Butter
2T Flour
2 C milk
2 oz grated cheese (I used the gouda, gruyere would be nice here)
1/4 tsp salt
white pepper and a dash of fresh nutmeg
 Here’s a visual for filling and rolling your crepes… cheese, asparagus/mushrooms, mornay…

 And don’t forget the prosciutto! This is actually a sliced Schwartzwald Schinken. Sliced, smoked ham produced in the Black Forest region of southern Germany.

I rolled up five for our brunch and wrapped my extra unfilled crepes to put in the fridge for next day’s lunch. You want to stay at the stove when you are making crepes… you can spot the two I made while mult-tasking.

Now these guys are fried up in a little olive oil/ butter mix. Place them flap down on a medium heat to seal them, then flip. You can also warm them up in the microwave first. Or if you don’t like to zap your food, leave them in the pan on low a little longer to make sure everything is melty inside. Garnish with sliced asparagus, fresh thyme, and mornay.

Here’s a double.

And for the big eaters… a triple. bam.

These crepes can be made ahead of time and pan cooked just before serving. Perfect for Mother’s Day brunch.




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  1. Fantastic photos. and I like that you used buckwheat for the crepes, and I love the idea of having them for lunch the next day too… they’d never make it to lunch the next day in my house though.. the mid night snack fridge raider or breakfast hunter would get to them first! Looks delicious!


  2. Me that love fresh asparagus – just love it … and Schwartzwald Schinken, is so good any Italian or Spanish ham, long time since I had it. Like the idea of using buckwheat for the crepes – but me that is total lost so soon it comes to pancakes – I have to enjoy the photos here, that is so delicious, It’s melt cheese you have on top when serving or is it Béchamel with cheese. Looking truly good, Wendy – but I would expect less from you.


    • I’m sure you could pull off the crepes. The first couple I do are always horrible and then you get in the swing of it. I use to have 3 pans going at once 🙂
      These were really tasty.


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    • These are great wrapped up in plastic for lunch. And maybe not quite as good as straight from the pan… but you could microwave them too. And bring a little jar of mornay. She’d be the envy of her colleagues!


  4. Wendy, the crepes sound terrific and are so prettily plated. We have been in Germany during the spargel season and I love the way many restaurants have an entire menu dedicated to asparagus.


    • Thanks Karen. It’s a fun time… I love getting ideas from the menus but rarely spend the money on them in a restaurant because we can do it at home! We’ve seen some great menus and some pretty funny ads for them.


  5. As usual, I’m salivating over your post. These seem like the perfect thing for lunch – especially as I’ve had some very rich and meaty meals the last few days


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    • Thanks! I have a Nikon D80 and these pics were with a 18-200mm lens. This summer I also picked up the 50mm 1.8 lens pretty reasonably. I’ve thought about switching over to Canon but can’t justify it right now.


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