Inspired by summer…

Summer is in full throttle. We are enjoying dinners with friends, work on the property, trips to Seattle and an abundance of fresh local foods. I’m indulging in the purchase of shiny magazines in English that require the turn of a page and not the swish of a finger across a screen. I’m currently sans computer for a few days and it’s kind of nice. The iPad works great but typing and photo editing aren’t so fun. It’s a good break. Here’s a visual of our happenings.
In Seattle last weekend, we picked O up at the airport. He finished teaching the semester with concerts and finals, and followed us to the states about three weeks after our arrival. After dinner one evening with friends in Woodinville, Chloe nailed a couple shots crossing the 520 bridge over Lake Washington. This girl has an eye let me tell you.

She loves bridges…

Back on island now, we love last minute dinners because within a half mile in all directions, we have the luxury of picking and purchasing such arrays of foods like this. Just picked raspberries, kale, chard, snap peas and fresh eggs that have not seen the inside of a refrigerator and once again, local Sockeye.

Can one tire from fresh, local Sockeye salmon? No… Because it’s going to be followed soon by King salmon. Poor us. Here is our walk to Buck Bay Shellfish farm just down the road…

Great old barn along the way…

We drive by Buck Bay here (and the farm) daily.

Never ending views, great folks,food and prices…

Up our apple tree lined driveway…

…we nibble a few salmonberries…

Back to dinner…
Here was my prep for the salmon once again destined for the grill.
Lemon slices, garlic, fennel fronds and smoked salt…

The two fillets put back together were grilled in foil…

A little sautéed onion, garlic and fennel with lemon, seasoned the brown rice for our side dish. For greens, we used my favorite variety of kale, Red Russian which can grow virtually year round here. We massaged it, added avocado, olive oil, lemon, garlic and toasted sesame seeds.
For dessert, simple shortcake biscuits topped with fresh raspberries and whipped cream. Gotta love it!
Photo of our friends and their darling sit on the porch for dinner…


Hope everyone is getting one moment or many to enjoy and be inspired by summer…
Tschüß for now,

21 responses

    • It’s a beautiful summer and we are trying to slip in a little relaxation. But we have to schedule it. The summer social scene is incredible- lovely to have fun and sometimes exhausting!


  1. That salmon looks delicious, the colour is amazing. I can only imagine how wonderful it is for you to be enjoying all that right now! Have a lovely day 🙂


    • I’m totally grateful for the reconnection time in the summers. I’ve bought SO many magazines and i’m loving it. Grill is on daily, mowing the lawn (like 2 acres) and so on. cheers.


  2. I love your summer home.. is this a cabin you go to every year?? If I may ask, what island is it on? We have friends that go to Salt Spring every summer and love it there. I think living like that year-round would be heavenly!


    • We are on Orcas Island in the San Juans. I’ve been up around Salt Spring and it’s very beautiful. A grander version of the San Juans in a way. We stay in our cabin and have the main house set up as a vacation rental. I’m determined to get a fuller post out on the property before I leave… wish me luck. I’m also working on linking our VRBO page- well hell – here it is… come visit!


  3. Wendy, is this where you guys live for the rest of the year? Wow is it gorgeous! I would so love to spend a vacation there. The local food looks so good (what are salmonberries??) and it looks so laid back and comfortable. Beautiful!


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