Apfelbrot …. apple, figs, cranberries and hazelnuts. And vegan too!


Our lives are in a bit of an upheaval and today is the first official day of breaking down our apartment in Hamburg. Excitement, sadness, sentiment, frustration all fight for their moment in the spotlight. Transitions for me are certainly opportunities for growth and all that… but they also like to chew into my creative space. I am longing to keep a little normalcy by cooking and posting. Sometimes I wonder why can’t I just be a regular gal and settle into a nice house, where we go to work, the kids go to school and we all live in the same house, city, country. yadah yadah….But I just haven’t been that kinda gal. We’ve had many adventures that ultimately I am so grateful to have experienced and now the feeling of NEVER moving again rings like a metal gong vibrating throughout my cranium. But because I love and accept myself now, finally… in my 40’s, I suggest to me and you never ever say never or ever.

Enough. Almost. One more side note…. Now Conor Bofin may think this has nothing to do with Apfelbrot but maybe that’s cause he’s not a chick who likes to blubber his feelings out to the world. He is doing some fantastic foodย though and although he really has nothing to do with this post, I’m happy to link you to One Man’s Meat for great photos and recipes sans blubber. I love his site. Am feeling a little edgy today. Wonder if I’ll post this… now I’m talking to myself. shit. Let’s get on with it…

This recipe will want to be made in the fall with all those apples your getting locally but it will also want to be made during the holidays in cute little disposable loaf papers to be tied up with some lovely string and passed on to your family and friends…which is what I will be doing. I did, this time make it in a round tin.

Start with loads of fresh apples.

Peel if you must but this is a hearty bread and your guts will embrace the extra fiber. You are going to mix them up with sugar, spices, a little rum and vanilla and let it ruminate… (I’ve been reading to many goat books). I think the term is macerate (theoretically, macerating is used when soaking food in a liquid but is also used when drawing liquids out with sugar… please somebody correct me if I’m wrong).

Some recipes call for letting the apples sit over night but I think 4-6 hours will do fine.

{Print Apfelbrot Recipe Here}

About 5-6 medium apples

cut up apples with sugar

The rest is simple. Slice dried figs…

Add dried cranberries and whole hazelnuts and dredge in flour, baking powder and a little cocoa powder..

Then you might look at it and realize a little late in the game (like me)… where the hell is the binder? I looked over the recipes again. No eggs, butter or oil. Then I checked out my apples. Ah ha grasshopper…

apples and sugar

There was an extraordinary amount of flour that combined with this juiciness to form a batter.

It looked lovely as a whole round but logistically not so good. We loved eating it toasted with butter. I would definitely do it in small loaf tins for yourself and gifts. Slice thin, toast and butter. This is a “fruit cake” you will not turn your nose up to.

Now I must go pack….

TschรผรŸ my dears,

x wendy

57 responses

  1. This looks awesome! Always am looking for a great vegan recipe.

    Hope your move goes smoothly. Have I missed where you are going???


  2. This looks awesome. I’ve already printed the recipe so I can try it out over the holidays. Best of luck on your move. I’ve never been to Orcas Island but I’ve been to some of the other islands up there and it’s a gorgeous area.


  3. So you are leaving Hamburg, I bet that are going to be a deep and sadly goodbye โ€“ but with Seattle next door, you will be fine โ€“ even if youโ€™re going a bit alone in this transit and changes.

    Mr O will he be living out on the country side ???? .. witch you showed us the other day in your beautiful blog.

    You and I have the some kind of blood in our veins โ€ฆ the travelers โ€“ where ever we go we will create a home and feel like home. Done it so many times, but now I have come to the finale stop โ€ฆ just feel that I want to grow deep roots where Iโ€™m and it will take some forces to get those roots up.

    With yours 20 years less on me .. you still have time to get to where Iโ€™m and you will probably have more new starts.

    This I will make a go of. Really like everything and the idea about doing individual is brilliant. Will let you know who Iโ€™m getting on.


    • Thank you… yes… the travelers. It’s a beautiful life and sometimes a little weary. I’m grateful and I’m ready to stay put for a while in the next chapter. Mr O is a little back and forth till Feb then I’m thrilled to say on Orcas most of next year… then we will re-convene at the round table ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Glad for you both that next year it will be more of you two.
        Your are at a lovely spot out on Orsac – and you place are so wonderful and relaxing, an Eden in away. I’m sure there will be a lot more chapters and adventures to come for you two.


  4. Beautiful post Wendy! I could steal those dried figs right away. Sehr sehr gut! Hey, good luck with your move… sometimes change is good – it roughs you up a bit from your own comfort zone:) My blog’s turn one… great to have found a few blogging friend along the way!


    • Happy blogging birthday… I’m coming up on a year too but don’t know if I can muster up the courage for a give-away. I’m taking notes though!
      Yes we are feeling a bit rough around the edges with piles of our belongings stacked around begging not to be left behind. The nice part though is a proper clean out. We should all pretend to move every three years just for that.


    • This would be the perfect healthy option. But me…. i’m going for the drooling caramel pumpkin bread pudding. I’ve decided to eat 800 calories a day till Thanksgiving in preparation…. (I’m so joking)!


  5. This looks so delicious and so festive as well! Love your post Wendy! I can so identify with all the moving and changes, although my moving was within the US, not international. 13 moves in 26 years just about did me in. We’ve now lived here 10 years with no moves. Just lots of remodeling and constant renovations.
    How wonderful to have experienced so many different places, cultures and food! Lots of inspiration for future blog posts I’m sure. Take care and wishing you happy trails… all the way back to Orcas?


    • Thanks Karista… There are pluses and minuses to everything. We have some pretty amazing experiences to look back on for sure.
      I also think about how easy in some ways moving has become with the internet. Maybe too easy in fact. Finding places to live, setting up house, moving companies…etc. Well it’s still a pain actually!
      I’ve loved Hamburg though and we will for sure be here again even if it is just as visitors. x


  6. Beautiful, moist apfelbrot and vegan to boost, wow! I know that in looking at this healthy and tasty bread/slice that it’s as hearty and wholesome as you describe! Gorgeous photos and stunning ingredients make me want to reach in to my page and grab a slice ala wonkavision!


  7. I was so sad to leave Germany after 10 years but lucky enough to keep our home there. Even though I have only been back once, it provides me with some type of “haven’t really moved” security, Good luck with your move and thanks for this gorgeous recipe.


    • You are welcome.
      There are a lot of things I love about Germany and I look forward to exploring more of the country. We got in a cycle of using our holidays mostly for going back to visit family in the states. The irony. We will see how things evolve over the next few years. But I’m sure we will be back regularly.


  8. Your apfelbrot looks wonderful and your photographs look particularly beautiful. Hope the move, whether permanent or short term, is without too much heartache and rumination and everything is fairly straight forward.


    • Thanks so much. I am back on the island now… step at a time right?
      You know, I like these photos too. Every now and again you post something and go hey that looks pretty good. And it’s so nice to get such positive feedback. cheers ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. It is always sad and happy when making a move…I know you will be happy to be a little more settled though. Your apfelbrot looks delicious and would indeed make lovely gifts.


  10. Okay, I just learned about Conor Bofin from Jeanne of all people and now I imagine I’ll be seeing him all over the place, right? We just moved not even across the city and it was a stressful mess so I don’t know how you will do it. Moving is sad but great fun and very exciting and I know this will not be our last move. But I do wish we were nomads like you. And this cake is fabulous and just screams autumn!


    • Hi Jamie – I’m imagining what it feels like when you already know this won’t be your last move.
      We could call you a local nomad ๐Ÿ™‚
      It is sad and exciting and energy consuming. I look forward to the down time.


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