Celebrating spring and mid life!

I want to share a little of my lovely 45th birthday and a little of our goings on…

I’ve always loved that I decided to push on through to this scene on April the Eighth. My life runs on even numbers with a real focus on the number eight. It’s a little bizarre at times… like I could sign up for some reality show about number freaks . Do they have that yet?

Here’s my new birthday boots…

Celebrating bday and more-10


As I’ve mentioned the store is on it’s way… more and more boxes everyday. So far I’m seeing I might have over ordered gourmet salt, honey and oatie cakes and maybe nougatine. I never knew I liked this spongy nutty sweet stuff till about a year ago- now I can’t get enough of it. Side note… though I haven’t- you can make it home made. I seriously cannot wait to share all the goodies I will have on the shelves. I will try not to bore you with it and if I do well, sorry.

Celebrating bday and more-2

Celebrating bday and more

And in another part of my life… I’m busily embedding dirt in the dry cracks of my strong middle aged hands. Hands for which I am grateful. Also happy to get dirt under the nails as a bonus.

I started seeding about six weeks ago…Here are peas, squash and some parsley in the background…

Celebrating bday and more-4How about some tomatoes…

Celebrating bday and more-3There are artichokes, onions, fennel, greens and cabbages hardening off just outside the greenhouse.

Celebrating bday and more-7

I’m already fending off the still baby slugs who despite their minute size have a voracious appetite.
Celebrating bday and more-6

Here is where they will be planted…

Celebrating bday and more-8

Here is Chloe’s little playhouse that has a future as a chicken coop.

Celebrating bday and more-9

And yes,  I’m also going to show you a peek at my birthday. I’m not a big party kind of gal. I do welcome a little acknowledgement and like to feel celebrated.  The present I give to myself is doing exactly what I want with no should’s or stress. Gym? Don’t think so. I did stop in just to get a couple hugs and well wishes. I like that part. How about a walk around beautiful Cascade or Mountain Lake? I entertained that thought but it didn’t make the cut. Here’s what called out to me…

Celebrating bday and more-11A quiet morning with O, sitting at the beach (which happens to be below my store) drinking tea, watching Otis in complete sensory bliss. Wildlife, dead crabs, stinky seaweed, freedom. We had it all.

Celebrating bday and more-12

We admired his ability to communicate with the Canadian geese.

Celebrating bday and more-13

I did do just a tiny bit of work at the shop then went and had a fabulous Thai massage with my friend, Lisl.

One of the highlights of the day was Chloe and I making my birthday cake. A lemon chiffon cake with lemon frosting. The cake earned about a B, but the process of baking an A+++!

Celebrating bday and more-19We ate the cake AFTER a family dinner at the New Leaf Cafe located in the Outlook Inn. We are absolutely loving Chef Steve. Thanks for a memorable dinner.

Perfectly seasoned lamb burger.

Celebrating bday and more-18

Gorgonzola mac and cheese. Another order was a duck mac and cheese. Both YUM!Celebrating bday and more-17

Duck Confit. The chef has a house made confit happening and generously sprinkles it throughout the menu. I won’t argue with that:)
Celebrating bday and more-16

A simple lardon salad with Hempler’s bacon,poached egg, large house gemacht croutons.Celebrating bday and more-15

The masterpiece filet mignon with cracked pepper reduction. RARE I say!
Celebrating bday and more-14Well this is enough information for about three posts. I’d like to think I could give you perfect little details in smaller bites. Not happening at the moment. I am considering this possibility though. Short posts on a regular basis. You’ll be the first to know if I succeed with that notion and I will welcome any feedback.One piece of wisdom I’m grasping with all ten fingers, holding onto for dear life? There are only twenty four hours in a day. This is a fact that will not change. I prefer to sleep seven to eight of those twenty four. Most of us think we can accomplish more than we really are able with the remaining time allotted for work and play. TIP: It will be OK. Everything that needs to happen will get done. Maybe it doesn’t occur at the same time your noted calendar says it will, but give yourself a break. I AM.

I wish you all a happy start to spring wherever you may be…

Tschüß xx

42 responses

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Wendy! You know what I feel that this move has been good to you – it’s given you a fresh energy to start your life. Loved seeing the li’l green sapplings in your family as also the leaping dog. Loads of love and wishes… may your joie de vigour remain intact!


    • Thanks Karen! It was a perfect day. And a reminder we need to sit on the beach more than once a year! I’m hoping the starts make it past the slug fest. The spring rain is bringing them out in full glory. best, wendy


  2. Happy Birthday! I am a “8” baby as well. Turn it on it’s side for infinity. Can’t wait to see what’ in those boxes when you unpack them and your garden is to die for….


    • I’m also 1968. Yes… infinity.
      I am anxious to unpack them too! We are getting a pallet today with the shelves for all these nibbles. So far I’ve munched on Island Bakery lemon melts, Morovian chocolate mint cookies, shortbread, oaties and I took some anchovies and lemon artichoke vinaigrette home. I’m in heaven.
      We got lucky tilling and mowing in a 2 week dry spell. Now it’s raining and a bit mucky. This year I’m reminding myself we are re-establishing the garden and to be ok with how it evolves.


  3. Happy … tomorrow .. and the day after and the day after .. and the next day and the next day.
    Woman, you have some stock to deal with – it makes me wonder how many souls live on the island ???? In all fairness I would mind coming and give you a hand. Love your wellies – a perfect present … and I love you little shed, sure the hens will love it too.
    I understand you get a lot of exercise with Otis .. and loads of fresh air, but with that shop coming in order and living as you do .. that will come automatically. Who look after the garden .. when you are busy with the shop. You truly have more than you hands full and your brain too.
    The lardon salad looks great .. and lamb burger also up my alley.
    In changes .. for Mr O???
    Thanks for sharing your every day .. enjoyed it so much.


    • Thank you ma’am! Mr O did get his green card on my bday and made us very happy to see that completed. Right now it feels like we can do everything! We’ll see how that picture looks come August at the height of the tourist season and the climax of the garden. But like I said, I know we’ll get done what we can and not fret over what’s left. I’m a bit of an energizer bunny though and do love to stay busy (well not ALWAYS)… but you get my point 🙂 xx wendy


      • So happy that the green card is .. all done and that you can get on with your lives over in US. Congratulation.
        What a carry on. I’m sure that you will be doing just great with everything in your life … the shop and the garden.
        Think it’s a fantastic challenge – I know you will work hard, to make it work. Keep us posted.


    • Thanks a bunch. I’ve been doing more phone pics because it’s just so convenient… but I’m wanting to do some camera work now. Hoping to get a scallop chowder on the wire soon. x wendy


  4. First things first…a very happy birthday Wendy and welcome to the wonderful middle years! There’s no question, you DO know how to celebrate…a perfectly lovely way to spend the day!… Otis is a great life coach, don’t you think? As to your shop, I’m so flipping excited for you! I can’t imagine though how you begin with all those boxes, but what fun it will be when you start to see the shelves populated with all sorts of delights! As to your garden, of lucky lucky you! And Chloe’s playhouse hen house, just too fantastic! What a lot of wonderful you have going on! : ) x


  5. Happy birthday and (again) congratulations on your new and old ventures. Big changes in your life and they all look truly fabulous! Sprig is such a beautiful time of the year, look forward to seeing more beauties from your gardens and shop soon!


  6. Happy belated birthday, Wendy! I love your take on birthdays – absolutely, you should do whatever it is that you want to do. And I’m totally down on the no-gym-thing 😉 It looks like you had the perfect day, full of time spent with those you love and amazing food. That’s exactly how I like to spend mine too, nothing flashy. Otis is adorable. Now that I have a dog of my own, I appreciate more than I ever did how wonderful pets are. I can’t believe how much my little Abby enriches my life. I used to be a miserable bag every night after work but now, I can’t wait to come home and see her happy face. And I can’t wait to see your store after you’re all set up, as well as the produce you’ll get from your lovely garden. I wish I could grow my own vegetables but I live in a condo and I have the thumb of death. As for posting more often, sigh…I hear ya on the limited hours we have each day. I barely manage to blog once a week, which is pretty sad, but it’s my reality right now. Do what works for you and your life. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore, right?


  7. Dearest Wendy, I’ve been so flaky lately! Just wanted to properly send some belated birthday blessings your way. Looks like it was a delightful time in beautiful surroundings and with exciting times to come. It’s just wonderful to be able to share some of your news as things are taking shape with your new plans. Keep up the good work! All the very very best for this next stretch of the journey xx


    • We can all stop apologizing for flaky. It’s called real time demands. We love our blogging community though! Sometimes I feel like I’m missing some chunks and need about 3 days to just drink tea and read. We are so lucky to have support in so many ways. Happy spring x


  8. Happy Birthday Wendy!!! I’m so behind in my blog reading and here I’ve gone and missed your birthday. 😦 Well it looks like a happy one indeed. And I LOVE those boots. The dinner at New Leaf Cafe looked divine. That’s where we have breakfast when we pop over to the island and I know that bay! It’s exciting to see it in the spring. The shop is coming along and I cant wait to see it in person. Wishing you the most delicious birthday year Wendy! Hugs, Karista


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