Fall recipes… revisited.

pumpkinbreadpuddingscript copy

This looks familiar your saying to yourself. Well at least those who have been hanging around these parts for the past year. And well, if you haven’t been, nor have you had the inclination to dig into the past, I’ll make it easy for you.  Your starter, main and dessert. We’ll start with dessert first.

Pumpkin Bread pudding with Spicy Apple Caramel sauce

This is also my little hello and no, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the blog sphere. My bricks and mortar shop, Chez Chloe (check out the new website), had a hopping summer and I’ve been busy busy preparing for the holidays. My dear husband and number one eater is off to Germany for one last round of teaching and then turning in his papers to become a full time US of A resident on the one and only Orcas Island in the Evergreen State! Three cheers!!! My cooking and photos tend to wain when he is away.

Here is a starter that is a little out of the ordinary. Try this with your next fall meal. It was a hit.

Pumpkin and Feta Salad with Maple Vinaigrette


I see I was having some fun with fonts last fall:)

Here is a wonderful stew to serve between your starter and dessert.  Inspired by a post from my friend at Karista’s Kitchen, Mulligatawny is an anglo-Indian recipe often served with chicken but I used beef and will make it again soon with lamb.

This salad, stew and dessert made the perfect fall meal.


mulligatawney soup


Hope all is right in your world and the colorful leaves fall gently around you.


Tschüß xx

24 responses

  1. “lol” Dessert first!! What a great idea, and a wonderful meal easily adapted by a veggie like me.
    So glad things are busy and going well at “Chez Chloe”.
    I’m still in Ottawa working on a mini-series since late July, so it may seem like I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth as well.
    Take care, Wendy! Resa 🙂 🙂


  2. Pumpkin – I have never worked or cooked any dish with pumpkin, but plenty times with butter squash. When I was a child we always had sweet pickled pumpkin with our Sunday roast.
    In those days my grandma did the pumpkin herself, but all shops had it on glass jars, not anymore … can’t even get pumpkin puree over here – and I should had bought that when visit NYC and totally forgotten. I’m just sucker for everything that is called bread and butter pudding – just love it in all forms and shapes.
    Love you autumn post .. and your photos are just so eatable. Nice to have you back, Wendy.


    • Pickled pumpkin sounds very interesting.
      There was a lot of kurbis in Hamburg but a different variety than our pumpkins here. I liked them a lot though and bought seed. It’s on my list for next year.
      I love that you would bring canned pumpkin back in your suitcase!


      • Yes, I normally always buy some food products with me home, but this time none what so ever – loads of body lotions and vitamins, only 1/3 of the price over there.
        Are you visiting Europe next year ???? Is there anything I can send over to you b????


  3. Lovely shop website! I’m not that into pumpkin recipes but then things don’t go pumpkin crazy here. Having said that, your creations always look yummy! Glad to hear things have been going so well. Don’t forget to eat while hubby’s away 😉 Exciting news, congrats! x


  4. Thanks. It’s all so lovely! I just realized how much we all like that word:) Lovely.
    I never forgot to eat. Happy, mad, sad, glad- I eat. I’ll cut back when I have a high fever, but that’s about it!
    xx wendy


  5. I’m so glad to hear your shop is bustling, Wendy! Everything sounds like it’s going well. I miss your posts but you’ve made up for your absence with this delicious list of dishes, especially that pumpkin bread pudding. WOW! It looks so rich, moist ‘n decadent.


  6. Wow, that bread pudding looks INSANE! I love how dense it is. Man, I totally need to make that. Thanks for sharing your best fall recipes with those of us who never got to see them the first time around 🙂


    • Yeah… that post old posts trick comes in handy at times. It’s a crowd pleaser that bread pudding. Hope you get a chance to try it. I’m thinking I might do it for Thanksgiving this year. Although it’s awfully nice to eat a dense dessert like this after a light meal. We’ll see… thx for stopping by.


  7. Just…. wow. That dense pumpkin bread cake looks divine. You had me in the first few sentences… so much beautiful food, so little time! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here but I am bookmarking some of these beautiful recipes for use when the weather here drops a bit. Thanks lovely xx


    • All you need is a little cooled off weather and some fall looking leaves and then make it happen. The bread pudding was a little involved, and the soup too although delicious. The salad though is a no brainer. enjoy. w


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