Fava bean & tomato salad

Back in Hamburg with a shining sun, a crowded Elbe and fresh memories of a full summer, we are reeling through seven weeks of adventures on Orcas, in Seattle, Atlanta and Charleston, as we stroll along the river…also a beautiful place to be. I will miss my new favorite spots for photos – the kitchen window sill and the front porch step. I’ll miss the deer strolling through the orchards and past our kitchen window. The ferry rides too. Most of all I’ll miss our friends, community and dear ole dad. The fact is though, no matter how our lives weave in and out of that island, we are always welcomed back with open arms. I’m eternally grateful.

Now it’s back to school time. Back to routine. That too has its place and I think we are ready for it. I do wonder what it’s like after the kids are gone. Maybe there isn’t such a demarcation of seasons. Honestly, I can’t remember. I was practically a kid when I started having them and will be firm into midlife when my daily parenting is complete.  Any thoughts out there?

So before summer is officially over, whether your life will change dramatically come the first day of school, or not, see if you can get yourself some fava beans. These guys take a little time and effort, but it’s so worth it. I started with the idea of succotash..

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Classic Summer Pesto

Basil is on. On and in everything these days. Eggs, toasts, salads, pork, fish, chicken, dips. It is also THE base for classic pesto…like that’s any news. But this is a reminder to make it cause it’s so good and easy. Grown best under cover in the San Juan Islands, with a little protection from the wind and chill, basil is making itself known here on Orcas Island. Once again, generous friends sharing their riches have opened their garden gates….

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