Salted Almond Chocolate Chip cookies…

Salted Almond Choc chip cookies-4

Who has a teen out there? Or has vivid memories of one that recently left home… raise your hand. And was it a girl? Because they are hands down different than boys. Dramatic, emotional, funny, spunky, stubborn, wonderful, frustrating… and so on. Did you ever have round robin sort of conversations like this?

Me: “Hey Chloe- you did awesome this morning getting out on time. Thanks.”

Chloe: “Yeah, that’s cause you didn’t nag me.”

Me: “That’s because you were up and on time. And I really appreciated it.”

Chloe: “Well… It’s because you didn’t nag me.”

Me: “I didn’t nag you because I didn’t have to. You got up and you were ready.”

Chloe: “And that iiissss  because you didn’t nag me.”

Me: “Well isn’t it great when I don’t nag and you are up and out on time.”

Chloe: ”          ”

Whatcha gonna do! EAT COOKIES. Now that’s a close up.

Salted Almond Choc chip cookies-2

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