Back to basics… Chocolate cupcakes

It would take days to exhaust the chocolate cupcake recipes in print and on the web. I started with the few cookbooks I have here in Hamburg (about 30). My baking books and of course “Joy of Cooking”. Unsatisfied with what I had in print, I spent far too long online. It’s like shopping for a dress or a CAR. These chocolate cupcakes were going to be sold in a ‘Taste of the Globe’ sale after all. My daughter’s reputation first, then mine on the line at the tenuous age of 8th grade and borderline mid-life… assuming I live till 88. Oh my god, I’m potentially over the half way mark. This isn’t about me though. Well it is MY blog. Right. Car shopping. You find one you love in the first go round but you are required to continue searching and cross-referencing to confirm your initial gut feeling.

The Joy of Baking came up within the top five on the first page of a google search for ‘chocolate cupcakes’.  The recipe is simple and clean. And so good. I made them yesterday to give them that day of rest. Cupcakes, in my opinion, peak after a 24 hour rest and are delicious for a solid day maybe two, then start to dry out. Of course they rarely last too long unless you keep making 2 doz for 3 people. This batch though was for export… well minus three…. or four.

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