On the move- New York City

On the move- New York City

I gave Chloe a big goodbye squeeze and kiss just yesterday morning before we left the house to drop her off at school and take me to the airport. Definitely no PDA at school… or within twenty feet of school. Or anywhere there might be peers. Although I did get a hug once in the mall with a circle of nearby friends. I smiled and she said, “yeah you owe me”.

Gave another big squeeze and big kiss to O at the Hamburg airport. I thank them both for giving me the freedom to take this trip.    I love you O!  I headed through security for my first strip down. I had the good fortune to be flying out at the same time as a very close friend, Teri. I had oodles of time so we had coffee and window shopped. We chatted about the differences between the states and Germany. I have to remember to appreciate the qualities of each in the moment and not yearn for one when I’m in the other. High on the German list is healthcare. It’s really unbelievable.

I arrived in London in a short ninety minutes. Walking around I enjoyed the freedom of thought, comprehension and communication in the old mother tongue. I stopped at WH Smith….

and devoured the English magazines…

I skimmed the gossip mags I hate to buy… the Brits love their Hello as seen by the magazine ravaging.

and bought Elle (for Tina Fey interview…oh fine… and the fantasy of getting really stylish), Photography for Beginners and UK Delicious.


Bags and bags of candy….I passed on these. Although I love twix.

but had to search hard for some good dark chocolate… which i did… and found…

At lunch I stopped at EAT, I realized my down vest had been on backwards since the last security…

Turkey breast and cranberry sandwhich, carrot mango lime juice and a millionaire’s shortbread.

pretty fresh for the airport…

I love airports. I think I observe more of the people and environment when I’m on my own. I even understood the guy next to me talking with his mouth full. gross. And then on the phone smacking his gums and chatting. wow.

A second security check and five wisecracks later I sat waiting to board for the long haul. I love the HSBC ads all over Heathrow…

On the plane I was almost excited to be there for eight straight hours. A couple movies, nap and reading…. and a row of four seats to myself!  SWEET. I love these new milk sticks… clever.

Ok… tomorrow a little look into NYC… wt

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