Weiß Spargel…

White Asparagus, Hollandaise & Lox

find it at Biscuits and Bobbins

As we continue with our Spargelzeit (asparagus season), you will be seeing many asparagus recipes. For those of you who may not be asparagus fans, I’ll try to sneak in a few other things… like chocolate chunk cookies with cranberries 🙂

Please join me today over at Biscuits and Bobbins where I will be guest blogging and sharing my recipe for white asparagus, hollandaise and lox. Blog pal, Jodi, a former pastry chef and major asparagus lover has been waxing idealisitically  to me over her memories of  the joy of living in Germany during white asparagus time (it’s big here in Germany, like, really big….) Since I can’t invite her over ( the commute from Atlanta, Georgia would make her just a bit late for supper) This is the virtual dish I prepared for her. Guten Appetit Jodi!

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