Fitness with Nordic Walking …. Me and my poles

Fitness with Nordic Walking …. Me and my poles

Here’s me and my best friend out for a walk….

I’m the blonde

Not really……. But here I am.

Tight eh?

Ok… Lying again. I will probably never have a photo of myself doing nordic walking.

Do I care what people think? Of course. Would you catch me walking around Greenlake, one of Seattle’s gorgeous, yuppified lakes who’s paths are circled by pretty faces and tight butts, 2 poles strapped to my hands with velcro? Hell to the no.  I’d have to be good and liquored up or high.

I’d like to say I could give a rat’s ass because I think this Nordic Walking is fantastic. Especially when I realized there were little buttons you could use to release the poles without undoing the velcro straps when you need to tie your shoe lace, change the song on your iPod or pick up dog poo. Although, I’m tending to go more without music because I think of  great blog posts or scenes for my book. And because people don’t seem to listen to ipods so much when they are exercising outdoors here.

Here are some facts on nordic walking:

Nordic walking originated in Finland in the early 1930’s when cross country skiers started using poles. But it was in the 1980’s when clinical studies correlated the use of trekking poles with fitness levels. Further studies in the 1990’s showed increased cardio, enhanced muscular and aerobic fitness and overall vitality. Nordic walking was not officially launched until 1997.

mine aren’t this fancy

Nordic Walking increases your heart rate, oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure without increasing your perceived rate of exertion. You don’t feel like you’re working any harder but, in addition to working your legs, you’re experiencing a full range of motion that engages the abs, arms, shoulders, upper chest and back muscles. The poles provide additional stability and help reduce stress in the knees and other joints. Bone density can be increased through this sort of resistance training, and posture also improves through use of the proper technique and arm motion. Clinical and anecdotal reports indicate that this type of exercise may prove beneficial in broad range of conditions, including the arthrides, back pain, cardiac syndromes, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, obesity, osteoporosis, repetitive stress injury, thoracic outlet syndrome, depression, mood disorders, and more.

You can find the above information and more from this Canadian fitness link: Nordic Walking… or google it yourself for a plethora of info. You can also check out several videos like this one on YouTube.

How about this one with me and my kids: I’m trying on brunette. What do you think?

We love to do this every weekend. Yeah right!

Sorry to waste your time with these fake pics but it’s just too much fun what you can find on google images.


All kidding aside, this is a great sport and don’t be afraid to do it anywhere. It’s a winner!

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