Where did November go anyway? I made a good start the first 2 weeks and hit about 20K words and then seriously petered out when I let myself make excuses about the rest of my life taking the front seat. My writing was trailing behind the car at a slow jog. But it’s okay. It’s 20K words more than I’ve ever written on one piece.

I’m taking some time now to evaluate the direction of my story, add and subtract a little and then hit it again. I think it’s important to get this first story out on paper just to 1) know I can , and 2) have something to refer to when I’m reading the how to’s so I can see what I’ve learned so far, and 3) have something to put under the false bottom of my desk drawer.

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  1. Wendy, long live NaNoWriMo! I gave it a shot during my expat year in Halifax, NS in 2003. Didn’t finish the 50K words, but treated myself to the tee-shirt anyway (“I’m a lover not a writer”). Good on ya’ for giving it a go. I love the photo of the typewriter, above, too. At first glance I thought it was a doctor’s scale, showing that writing and dieting are equally demanding… true enough.

    Looking forward to reading about your next adventures!


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