Rosen Montag, Shrove Dienstag & Pancake Day

For those of you who don’t follow Foodimentary… you should. Then you, too would be reminded of the fact it is Fat Tuesday (party folk), aka Shrove Tuesday (praying folk), aka Pancake Day (foodie folk). Pancakes were made to rid the pantry of the good stuff before Lent. If I was giving it up, I’d better make chocolate chip pancakes with nutella.

Why I didn’t think of it being pancake day is a complete mystery slash senior moment because just yesterday while shopping downtown we were stopped by a TV reporter from RTL. We were just crossing the bridge to the central square at the Rathaus (town hall) when she stopped to ask if we knew what day it was. First rewind about 4½ minutes from that moment, to when I actually saw the man with the big camera and fuzzy microphone and the pretty young lady with flawless makeup and white teeth (yes I could see that 15ft away). I watched them gaging the crowd. I broke out in a cold sweat mixed with fear, excitement and anticipation. As we approached the bridge, I thought, Oh my God, are they going to talk to us, and then there was the unavoidable fact they would be speaking in German. Thank God O was by my side. We casually continued like neither of us noticed we might BE ON TV. Then BAM, this chick was in our face with a microphone two inches away from O’s lips. Maybe I actually looked as nervous on the outside as I was on the inside. Now I’m getting pretty good at understanding German and I have plenty to say that slowly formulates in my head. But usually by the time I’ve finished two German, grammatically correct sentences, the people doing the talking out loud have moved on to another topic. I knew she asked us (O) what day it was…. And No, we (he) didn’t know. Then she went on to say why isn’t anybody dressed up in Hamburg? What’s wrong with this city? O replies with much lovely German that really he’s from central Germany and we are new to Hamburg.  She says. Because hey it’s Karnival! (She too of course said it in German and again of course these were MUCH longer sentences and… it is possible I didn’t get 100% of everything said)

I can’t get one German word out so I’m nodding and smiling. O is chatting cause he’s so good at it having done interviews and such. Our three minutes are over and I sputter out in English, after the microphone is already pointing at  the ground something about “hey you should go to New Orleans if you want to see a party!” Like she couldn’t just head to Cologne or Dusseldorf. Which actually I think she very well did say. But nerves and foreign language comprehension are heavy competitors in the brain. So now I’m like we don’t party or pray but we damn well eat pancakes.

Hamburg Rathaus

Bridge above the Alster shed where said interview took place…

In Germany, I did learn today they celebrate (in some cities at least!) Rose Monday and Shrove Tuesday and then comes Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent (ok the last two are everywhere). Here’s a little more info from GoGermany and on RosenMontag (Rose Monday) I’m officially Catholic but haven’t given up anything for Lent in years. My sister gave up FB last year and it just about killed her. Would Jesus want that? (oh no here I go again being potentially offensive… only for the sake of humor!)

The UK is also huge into Pancake Day including parades and many events. Check out London’s Time Out magazine. And how about a few pancake recipes from BBC. Personally, from what I’ve seen… (pretty flat looking pancakes) I think it should be called Crepe Day. But that’s just me.

We will be celebrating with crepes or maybe a Swedish pancake which lies between crepe and fluffy. And we splurged on one ½ pint each of raspberries and strawberries. More for color than taste this time of year. I’ll have to add pictures next time we make crepes/pancakes because it’s already dark here and this has got to get published!


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  1. *smile … can’t do pancakes, waffles or omelets !!!!! What kind of chef am I ????
    Tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried. Love freshly made pancakes for breakfast with cured bacon, maple syrup and poached egg – but don’t ask me to do it, but I do it and I buy them ready made. Sad ???? !!! but not less true.
    Coming over for … yours.


    • We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I’ll be damned if I’m not always googling ‘how to cook the perfect soft boiled egg’- I like the whites cooked and the yellow totally runny- this happens about 40% of the time!


      • Wendy … I’m an expert on boiled eggs .. have boiled and peeled millions – at one time could I peel an egg in each hand at the same time. The perfect egg is what I call a “daffodil egg” – a little bit dark in the middle (runny) I will say about 8-9 min. That is the perfect egg. You put them in boiling water.
        When I boiled a box at the time 360 egg – different matter. The water has to boil then quick empty all the trays in – and when the first boiling bubbles start coming to the surface – the eggs are perfect.
        It’s an art to boil an egg. If you want the full yolk to be runniy – 6-7 min.


  2. Despite the fact I went to the Mardi Gras parade at Universal this past weekend I still completely missed the fact that today is actually Fat Tuesday! Clearly not that observant LOL
    I am totally inspired to make pancakes for dinner now – what the hell – I am a grown up and can have breakfast for dinner if I want – right?


    • improv comedy workshop! WOW, what a brave girl! first singling in the church choir and now IMPROV! i’m SOOO impressed and absolutely sure you’ll be GREAT! or at least have a total BLAST!
      AND you get to hang out with the best young man EVER!


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