Stuffed French Toast… NYC & Hamburg

Stuffed French Toast… NYC & Hamburg

My last day in NYC started with brunch at Serenity T in Soho with my son and niece. The place gave mixed messages with it’s atmosphere and servers. An interesting menu, way laid back servers and  a little chaotic looking in the dining room. But the food was great. My niece, remember who juiced me a montage of vitamins, had the spa brunch choice and tea. They offered a cool tea service… hence the name Serenity T … Made me want to return my coffee in a glass mug. Pretty but cools too fast.

Wrap with veggies and smoked salmon.

And who is on vacation?  The one who ordered a croque madame with truffled mornay sauce…

My son with his usual french toast albeit anything from ordinary…This was my goal today in our own home.

With stuffed bellies, we had a little walk and took in Soho. These guys were packed up, heading to another corner…

I loved this display window…

We just happened to pass by PURL.. I had read about this shop recently and had one of those moments where I couldn’t remember who, what, when or where… but I had that good feeling you have when you run into something unexpectedly that you would have chosen to visit if you had thought of it. Do you get me? It’s a beautiful store and they also have a great blog. This picture does NOT do it justice.

And now for our Saturday brunch here in Hamburg. I attempted stuffed french toast for the first time. We use to have a great brioche french toast at the cafe but I never stuffed it. It’s a bit rich for me but thought I’d try it out on Chloe and her two girlfriends. Here’s what I came up with for a recipe. Pretty basic. What I missed was the zest in the cream cheese filling… so that’s added. I used a hardy white bread but would like to try it with spongy white bread or brioche and actually make pockets in the bread to fill or possibly challah.

Stuffed French Toast-Print recipe

I creamed together the cheese filling ingredients… a blend of cream cheese and mascarpone.

Laid out my white bread, sliced apricots and walnuts

I spread those bad boys…

I used canned apricots as this is so not the season for fresh. But I’d actually like to try in with dried apricots. I think it would give it a little more sweet and sour kick and a little texture.

Next I smashed the them together. You need cheese on both sides so they will stick…

I beat the eggs,cream, milk, cinnamon… I threw in a little orange zest here too (optional)

Then dip and a little soak…

After a few minutes on a hot buttered frying pan and a little garnish…

It is quite filling if you aren’t a big eater. The girls did a pretty good job though.

Of course, this was my plate…the one who said a few photos ago some crap about rich and filling and who isn’t on vacation anymore and shouldn’t be eating like she is 🙂

Last but so very not least… we have a weekend guest, Daisy, chez nous… she’s putting a big smile on my face.

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  1. Glad you made it home safely and had such a nice time NYC. Love the stuffed French toast…it looks so tasty. And Daisy! She is darling…how big is she? Is she a Yorkshire Terrier?


    • She’s about 8 pounds I think… and I’d have to get back to you on the type of Terrier but I know it’s not Yorkshire. She’s a little bigger that that.
      Teri… if you read this… feel free to reply! (she’s Daisy’s mama)


  2. Fabulous!!! Your writing & pictures puts me right there. Now I just have to go and experience some of these things myself. I just came across Purl Bee blog this week and love it. Am excited to try some of the knitted items.


    • It was really funny. We were walking down the road and I looked in there and shouted… “Stop. I’ve got to go it here.” I think I read about the owner starting out as a little shop that took off kind of thing and found it intriguing. It’s an inspiring space full of color and ideas.


  3. As usual … very, very nice me dear. I would certainly like to dive into one of those Frenchies myself. For sure, I miss having you around more than anything … but the food is definitely on the MIA radar screen. :-/


  4. Not much that can beat a good french toast for breakfast … yours looks fantastic – only such a messy business to do them. Daisy put a smile on my face too.
    Next time I have stay over guests will I offer them your french toast for breakfast. The photos are fine … they should look soft in the middle. Most food is raw when photos are taken and they color it with tea to get the right color.Yummy!


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  6. i LOVE french toast — never woulda guessed it would ja? i stuff it when the grandboys come over, wonder why i’ve never fixed it for will? i’ll do that for him the next time he’s here.

    What a CUTE dog!


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