Rumblings, Frogs & Scones

Rumblings, Frogs & Scones

I know you are asking, “What the….?” Well, I’ll tell you. First off, it started this morning reading Joy the Baker. She wrote this week about rumblings and the desire to shake things up a bit in her world. Now here is a blogger who is doing quite well in my book. Popular writer, lives in a sunny place and has a new cookbook ready to order that’s getting good reviews and she has rumblings? And did I mention young? I know I’m simplifying, and we don’t know the complexities we all face in life. But I do wonder, do rumblings, stirrings, the need to shake things up a bit seem to permeate all people irrelevant of age, stage of life, success or gender? Or can it be pinned to a certain personality type? Are there people continuously satisfied with life? I’m not talking about happiness but satisfaction. Or do they go hand and hand?

Frogs came to the forefront today when I went out for a little nordic walking and saw these signs that are posted annually in March to protect the wee ones crossing the road. Is that sweet or what. They even put up an eight inch barrier and cover the manholes so the little guys don’t drop in.  This is a sign for me in Hamburg, that spring is on the way.

Then came the scones. Comfort food. With butter or preferably clotted arteries cream and jam. Preferably my kumquat marmalade.

Here’a how they came together. There is something about movement in spring. Birds are arriving and singing. The ground separates as bulbs break through and blossom. The air warms and the quiet yet sometimes stagnant feeling of winter shifts. Aforementioned frogs are on the move. Personally, I’m encouraged to exercise outside and leave my Astro style tread mill jogging till next winter. (like this post if you liked the Jetson’s!). I also feel a need to shift something in me. Or as Joy the Baker wrote, she felt a rumble inside. It’s time to get some adrenalin moving. Now there are little stirrings, like I need a new hair cut or some new clothes, shoes, style, take a class, or take a trip to say NYC and the big stirrings, like time to take a three month sojourn, change careers or move to a new country. There are short and long term effects at all levels of stirrings or need for change. Care needs to be taken as one proceeds to take action. Equally important is the awareness of where these stirrings arise, whether they are internal or external.

Now this brings me to the comfort of stuffed french toast, scones and possibly chocolate chip, banana nut muffins with cream cheese  frosting in the very near future. When this need for a change or shift sneaks into your conscience or household, one has to be careful not to dwell on thoughts that lead you into a tail chasing, monkey mind state. You’ve got to step out of the cyclone, trust in the universe, get some exercise and be kind to yourself and those around you…don’t suck them into your storm. Find the balance in daily life. Appreciate what you have. It’s time for some reflection and self awareness. Be smart and possibly foolish but be clear.

{Print scone recipe here}

Enough ranting for me today. These scones are trusted friends. In my prepare ahead times… when I had a proper freezer and friends who dropped by, I liked to make up packets of these. (no pity… I do have friends in Hamburg 🙂 … people just don’t drop by unannounced).  I’d have the dry ingredients, butter and even grated orange or lemon peel in a ziploc in the freezer ready for buttermilk, cream, milk with a squeeze of lemon or any combination. Then if I had some dried or frozen fruit on hand… bonus. Or maybe candied ginger. But not required. Only 20 min at 400°, a little cooling time and you’ve got something lovely to serve with your tea.

I’m trying out this slideshow and gallery option… any feedback?

You can click on individual photos to enlarge…but you probably already know that.

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  1. I am definitely going to try making the scones. I love scones but have never made them myself. Love the frog crossing. I’m so ready for spring here. We have some plants making their way out of the ground, but we’re still having snowfall too. Love your blog.


  2. I loved reading this blog. The slideshow is great!
    Wind storms and a little snow here in the Vancouver area the last few days but the
    flowers are starting to poke through.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day


  3. Yay for the frogs! What an overwhelming community effort to keep them safe. As for your other philosophical ponderings…I’ve got nothing except “bloom where you are planted”–that is how I try to live. Does it stop all the daydreams, questions, wanderlust in my brain? No. But I can be content where I am.


  4. Hi Honey. Your signature is slightly different.. part of the compromise with the rumblings maybe.. I so love hearing your thoughts so frequently. This time you left a link to previous Chez Chloe blogs.. which I’d never known about before.. am starting to read them now.. loved the dinner by candlelight alone back in Orcas, and Chloe’s adorable pictures with the plum pastry. I enjoy eating alone too.. and sometimes spend a bit of time preparing for “just me”.. but don’t usually go much beyond buffalo burgers well seasoned with garlic and shallots.. One of the days I’ll do it all up with candlelight! Great idea.. Love you. Mom


  5. Yo Baby girl …

    Nice blog … I detect that stirring of spirit and soul that your Daddy knows so well! I liked the “bloom where you are planted”… that rings of an ideology that definitely is growing in the Thomas hot-house of life. I guess at 81, galavanting around the planet sounds like work! And, when I feel rumblings, it’s usually my stomach and I open the windows. LOL

    Love you loads …XXOO


  6. I have found your site for the first time and had to tell you how much I love that you guys protect those little frogs. You will be blessed for your efforts. The scones look marvelous, too. My oven is broken, but I’m saving this recipe for when it’s up and running again. Glad I found you.


    • Hi there- yes it’s pretty sweet how much effort they put into it. Each spring they set it all up and take it down about 6 weeks later after the frogs have done their thing 🙂


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  8. Hi Wendy from before I stumbled across your lovely blog, glad you dropped in that link to your scones today 🙂 I think I’m going to have to dig back into the archives and see what else I missed out – what a great idea to freeze dry ingredients for baking. I’m always short of something (like lemon peel – although I have started freezing lemon slices because I like honey and lemon tea) when I want to throw together a recipe. Also means less waste, because I can eke more things out of say fruit etc…. Woah my mind is going on an ideas trip. So much inspiration – thanks! 🙂


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