Lost, Found & Fresh

Lost, Found & Fresh

Since we’ve been pounding the cupcakes lately, and that ‘diet’ way back when only lasted three weeks, I thought I’d throw something fresh your way. I sort of lost my way just like Chloe’s black winter coat last week. She left it on the public bus Friday afternoon, the first really warm day of the year. I couldn’t blame her…It was one of those days where you forgot how cold the morning had started and by the afternoon you were practically peeled down to your skivvies…. practically nothing that is. So of course it’s like ‘what coat’? It was fortunate she even realized where she left it. We (O) called the HVV(public Hamburg transport) yesterday and the coat was indeed located and we needed to bring in identification and some sort of proof that it was ours. Like in case someone else left a black winter coat on the 283, direction Bahrenfeld between 3.15 and 3.45pm. O found a year old photo on the computer. Can you imagine rustling through boxes of snapshots or negatives looking for a picture? My idea was to bring the detached furry hood that Chloe refuses to wear, as proof we are the rightful owners. Our particle reference number in hand, we arrived at the Fundbüro. It was like walking into an OCD dream. The quiet, organized main office had two employees and no que… and racks on six walls with hundreds of lost, stranded keychains, all tagged by location found, date and a reference number. It was amazing.

While O talked, I tried to indiscreetly take photos. Horrible ones- but it was a little awkward.

We were taken through two locked doors down a hall lined with wheeled bins loaded with hats, gloves and scarves, into another room with hundreds of coats and backpacks. I wanted to take a roll of film of all these lonely lost pieces waiting on hangars, with hopeful claim tickets calling out to their people to rescue them. We immediately found ours hanging at the front of the first rack. We followed our guide back to the front office, showed our year old photo of a black coat wearing Chloe, our picture ID and paid 5 euro. O signed on the dotted line and we left, outerwear in hand.

Again- terrible photo… but you get the idea.

In awe of the system and incredible level of organization, I wanted to interview this bureau. It also made me wonder what every city’s lost and found looks like. Was each as meticulously organized as what I experienced here? Germany. God love em. How about Chicago, NYC or LA… or Seattle? Are there that many honest people out there? The coat will now be put away till next year but we were sure glad to recover it.

Moving on to fresh and healthy….

This week started with smoothies. Apple juice, 1/2 a fresh and 1/2 a frozen banana, berries and frozen spinach. Fresh is of course preferable but it’s nice to have a few frozen bits to keep it chilled and frothy. I like to use Whey protein and a little plain yogurt. And often will add a little Barley green powder and/or flax oil. I use  Barlean’s flax oil when it’s available.

Next I spent a little time making some salads.Here’s the cornucopia I started with…

First the zucchini- I make simple ribbons with a peeler….

Then I’ll put it raw in a jar with a dash of salt and maybe a tiny hit of olive oil and lemon juice…

I did the same with some shitake mushrooms and tossed in a few sesame seeds… Both will break down and seem cooked after sitting a few hours in the fridge. Rather like the massaged kale.

I did a napa cabbage slaw with thinly sliced napa (obviously), grated carrots, finely sliced fennel and cilantro. I dressed it with a little sesame oil, rice vinegar, orange juice and lemon. I added some of the ‘raw’ shitakes. It’s how you would start a fermented product but not going that far. Although here is more info on making fermented vegetables if you are interested.

Next was a fresh greek salad… sort of. Just fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, olives, basil, a little feta and a little olive oil and a lot of fresh squeezed lemon.

The next few evenings, we had fresh fish, chicken breasts and pan cooked turkey breasts. One poultry cut I recently discovered here was a putenbrust filet. It’s like a scalloped cut off the turkey breast. A nice change from chicken and easily kept tender. Here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between turkey and chicken. Minimal really but I still like to switch it up a little. I think more people are also becoming aware of ground chicken and turkey to cut back on ground beef. It works.

Fish one night…

Only a little instagram shot of one of our meals… but you get the idea. As much as I love baking, I also love fresh nutritious foods… and no I don’t have Andrew Weil  sitting next to me with a checkbook in his hand. I just try to keep a little balance.

On that note, once I get this healthy stuff out of the way, I’ll be testing some Easter brunch ideas 🙂

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  1. That is what I always said about the Germans – well organized and honest. Only been on lost property once – in Gothenburg and it’s such a great story I will make a post about it. It was hilarious funny, because people in Gothenburg have a great sense of humor. But organized like public transport in Hamburg .. they where not. So happy she got her coat back. Great story and great meal. I doubt that you will find some so well organized anywhere else. Germany in a nutshell. Very impressed with Germany and the German people. Happy ending on a great adventure.


  2. Love the Zucchini!! I am going to do it tomorrow as soon as I get some. Whit the mushrooms….did I read it correctly? you add lemon salt olive oil and sesame seeds??
    Fellow Foodie


  3. Hey …… skivvies are good … what a curies word. The derivation might be interesting, like all of that good food I’m missing. Glad Chloe’s found her coat. Nobody keeps track of things like the Germans. Great pics!


  4. Just got inspired by your “sort of Greek salad” – I tend to get bored with taking the same lunch stuff to work, so I’ll make this for a change.


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