Macaron bloopers and extra ganache

Macaron bloopers and extra ganache

So as the official macaron post was so long, I thought I’d save the first round, the one that made me practically cry but still tasted delectable, till later.

I’ll start by saying, for those who saw the original post I madly tried to get out Sunday night at 11.30pm, Hamburg time, after about 8 hours of work and a loony weekend, you are not crazy if you were curious about the spelling.. I did spell every mention of a macaron, including the title with 2 o’s as in the coconut macaroon that is not really my favorite cookie. I can’t even blame the spell check because I only discovered it, like today. I will divulge. I was trying to ride that crazy stat wave and get something else out for everybody to see. Let go my ego ahem eggo. Alas I could not even remember if the egg whites were folded into the dry ingredients or the dry ingredients were folded into the whites. And that was with the two cookbooks I mentioned. I kept reading it over and over and over, literally probably eight times. But my brains were scrambled.

That said…here’s my first go round the block…big, uneven and too close together.

And this of course was the result, which left me feeling like a total failure and what could I have possibly been thinking to just make these spur of the moment without my proper “tools”… etc etc… when it had been so long… yaddah, yaddah. And enter a contest? Oh please.

Sad, cracked and stuck together, I let them cool then had to cut them apart. They also, if I remember correctly don’t like abrupt temperature change. Who does?

Then I tasted one. Right. Not too shabby. Come on Wendy… don’t be such a wuss.  Just do it. So I did. And after I piped round two, I thought, hey, that’s better. Then they came out of the oven and I almost cried again because I was so happy.

So the point is obvious. Don’t give up. Either way you will most likely create a divine morsel that may bring tears of joy and angst but pleasure along with it. Sounds like life.

As you also might have noticed I’m not shy with the ganache. There is nothing worse then coming up short. I’m a frosting and mayo lovin, hausfrau saucy kind of gal. I don’t like things dry. I think double Oreos are superb. I don’t mind having a few of these guys below in the freezer to pull out when guests come. That is if we don’t eat them first. They are all piped out from the star tip.

O is having a go at it. He’s my all round kind of guy… not afraid to try anything! Love that. And hell, I’ll just say it. Don’t give up on getting love right either. Took me forty years.

Here’s what went in the freezer. I let them set in the fridge then put them in plastic baggies. Ideally, your freezer is bigger than my little Euro jobbie and I’d suggest tupperware so they don’t get accidentally squished.

We are heading to Atlanta, GA tomorrow for the Easter holidays. I still have that Rosenkuchen up my sleeve. And in my stomach. Did I forget to mention I started it on Saturday along with the macarons (WITH one O) for back up? It’s moved up to the top three of my morning cakes.

I also received today two lovely blogger acknowledgments. The first, 7×7 link award from AssiasKaleidescope and the second, Kreativ Blogger from Jan Deelstra. Thanks to you both. I look forward to passing these awards forward over the next week.



P.P.S. If anyone from Matfer sees this I would be happy to advertise for you 😉

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  1. So very cool to post up the bloopers too. Mine go straight into my mouth, or my husband’s! Sometimes with macarons its hard to even decipher exactly what went wrong, because there is so much that can go wrong! Have a great trip to Atlanta, I can attest, it is very warm here right now…


      • Bacchanalia’s sandwich shop, attached to their (4star restaurant)- the flavor is always there even in a sandwich or simple pastry.(nothing french-style, but the ingredients are always top notch. and they have a total foodie shop attached to that with reallly good stuff, some housewares, some meats, cheeses etc. all excellent. There are others. but for shopping and cafe type, that is a good foodie stop.


  2. Well done Wendy. Have a blast in Hotlanta and Happy Birthday next Sunday. You’re my Easter Bunny …. Hippity Hop and never stop!

    Daddy Loves you … are your blushing yet? XXXOOO


  3. Wendy, you are so good … those are so perfect – and so exact !!!! Enjoy your trip .. your break and your Easter, Will sit here and wait here for that Rosenkuchen. Have a wonderful time.


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