Rosenkuchen for Easter

Rosenkuchen for Easter

Finally, the long promised and awaited Rosenkuchen.  Ok. Maybe that is an exaggeration. This Rosenkuchen, a yeasted cake with hazelnut and apple filling, has quickly climbed the ranks of my cake list. We loved it. The neighbors loved it. Honestly, we would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been on the heels of the macarons.  I’m glad to have made this before our trip to share it with you prior to the holidays. This would be a PERFECT Easter brunch item. Easily made the day before. I actually made the yeasted dough on Saturday and held it over in the fridge till Sunday. Not a problem. I just couldn’t bare the thought of finishing it the same night as those Macarons and I was losing my natural light. I finished it Sunday afternoon but after a dinner of take out Indian food, we barely touched it till Monday.

Monday morning O came and sat down at our wooden dining table with a sorrowful look.

“That’s it. I’ve hit 86 kilo.” He said.

“I promise I’ll take a break on the baking after this cake,” I said as I placed a piece in front of him, yearning for his response.

“No honey. I’m not putting my teeth on that today OR the next day.” He said.

“Oh yes you are.” Shot from my mouth. I softened “Oh please. Just one bite. It’s unbelievably good.

“Oh fine. But just one.”

“Deal.” I said.

Now of course being a man, he took one bite, claimed it was truly extraordinary, reminded him of the old days, etc… and passed it back to me. Dumbfounded by this display of willpower, I took this delicate, swirled piece of heaven back to the counter and finished it… with a little butter…

The cake will take a little planning. You are looking at about an hour and a half to prepare the dough and let it rise, then another hour and a half for the filling, second rise, baking and glazing.

Rosenkuchen- PRINT RECIPE NOW!

As I mentioned, I did the dough one day. Held it over in the fridge. Then let it sit out the following day, probably a good couple hours to warm up and fill out again.

You’ll start with  sifting the flour and creating a well for the yeast. I used fresh yeast for the first time ever.

The rest of the dough ingredients are added and you knead it about 5 minutes with extra flour until it’s no longer sticking to your fingers.

I wasn’t shy here with the flour. I’d say I added about a T another 4 or 5 times.Here’s your risen dough…

Ready to roll out…

You roll out the dough into a rectangle. I used a cookie sheet so I could do it at the window with the good light…which worked quite well…

The hazelnut, cream, apple filling… mix in sugar, more butter, spices all together…

Then spread the filling to completely cover the dough. Make sure you get all the way out to the edges.

Then start rolling it up from the long side…

Cut the log into 3-4cm pieces that will go upright into a greased springform. Also wasn’t shy with the butter here. Figured more was in fact better…

Cover it and let it rest another 30 min…

Bake at 180°C/375°F for 35-40 min…Then I slid a knife around the edge. After all that butter, I forgot to do the sides…

Let it cool for 10 minutes and prepare the glaze. I added a wee bit more powdered sugar…

And you’ve got gorgeous in front of you.

I’m going to leave you with a wonderful little clip that my amazing friend Teri DeSario did. Would you believe someone with such a gorgeous voice could also be blessed with such a grand sense of humor. Check her out..

I love Glaze…. click here

Happy Spring

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  1. Boy, do those look delicious or not? My mouth is watering and I’m 6000 miles away. Hope you’re having fun in Atlanta … I can see your mother now licking her fingers after you put one of your goodies together in her kitchen.

    Nice touch on the vocals Terri …. that could go viral! (LOL)


  2. I just totally lived vicariously through that whole cake, including the glaze action shot and extra bit of butter on your slice! Havent been able to find fresh yeast in the markets here ( only working in restaurants), but I know there is a conversion for using dry… (I don’t think it is one to one) Will investigate…
    Best, jodi


  3. Wov … one for the cafe again. We have something very similar – butterkaka, witch I can eat none stop. This has just the right amount of glaze too. Thanks for the music. The cake is worth booking a flight to Hamburg. *smile … Have a wonderful Easter, you & Mr O.


  4. So wish that I could eat gluten!! I don’t know why I tempt myself by looking at your blog. Happy Easter Wendy and enjoy!


  5. What a gorgeous cake. I’m just starting my own food blog and spent today taking pictures while I was cooking and realized… It’s really hard to take pictures and not get the camera all messy or drop it. LOL. Any tips?


    • Well…. I have a little set up in the corner under a window. I will say I’m wiping my hands a lot and the button gets a little sticky now and again. I’m starting to research a tripod and shutter release cord, because what’s really hard is pouring and clicking! Sometimes my daughter helps. But generally I just set up a pic and take a photo… not too many action shots. Look forward to reading what you’ve started on your book.


  6. what a lovely bake! hazelnuts and apples with spices… gosh, that must one cake to die for. No way I’m just gonna take a bite and pass it back! LOL


    • Exactly. This was actually the first yeasted cake I’ve made.. outside of cinnamon rolls. It will definitely be made again. But not till I drop a couple kilos… between the cupcakes, macarons and rosenkuchen I’m drowning in indulgence.


  7. I have a much nicer tune in my head (oh and shared on my FB page too) now- Loved seeing you ❤ and tasting your creations (dare I mention the turkey meatloaf on this page? it was at the very LEAST notable!)


  8. Okay can I just come over and enjoy these with you next time you bake them instead of having to bake them myself? That’s really what I’d prefer! YUM!


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