Glazed Carrots, Apples and Horseradish

One of my favorite magazines in Germany besides my monthly Food and Travel is Landlust. Beautiful photographs from the countryside, fresh recipes and for me a chance to read German. Like giving a boy girly mags to learn how to read… oh that’s bad isn’t. Sexist too? Sorry. I will say though, my German exels in reading and translating recipes.

This month’s issue displayed gorgeous young vegetables, cooked simply, with interesting combinations and ingredients. I’m pleased it was the carrots with horseradish that stood out above the others. Eaten last night with a simple grilled steak and steamed broccoli, these carrots gave our meal a little umph! Sweet and salty with a little bite.

Carrots, apples & horseradish {Print Recipe}

I bought baby carrots at the Wednesday organic market.

Well, some of them I would say were more of a toddler size, so I split them in half.

I love leaving a little of the greenery attached.

I use half an apple…diced.

Make a circle of parchment paper like this for a ‘top’ to place on the pan for cooking.

Fold paper into a cone and measure from the middle of the pan. I do the same for cake pans. But cut off a bit of the tip here.

It will fit over the carrots to sort of steam them.


I cooked the carrots in a pan with a little water, butter, sugar & salt. Place enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and stick a small knob of butter in it. Cook gently under the paper till almost cooked. Then remove the paper and let the water evaporate. I added the diced apple just at the end to warm up but not cook so much. Toss in the horseradish cream. Season to taste.

Plated these up with tongs. Garnished with fresh horseradish, minced parsley and creme fraiche. Had some photo fun…

Dinner last night…



19 responses

  1. Absolutely lovely, as usual. You makes them look almost as good as they taste. Alas, it seems as though Daddy’s influence when selecting analogies is shining brightly in his spawn! I love it!

    Daddy XXXOOO


  2. Fantastic photos again – and this with that we are able to print the recipe – glad it’s not only me that cook “under paper” – cook all my fish like that or poach. Never eaten carrots with apple or horseradish – but I’m going to do it now. Brilliant, Wendy … visited “acorn in my kitchen” today and she had a video about breakfast pancakes and I thought about you and your ricotta pancakes.


    • This was totally new to me too except for having thrown an apple in carrot ginger soup. I found it in Landlust- love the photos in that mag… all auf dem land.
      I saw that video and your comment. Touched you thought about me…x


      • It was natural .. still that photo of those pancakes hunts me *laughter – so when I came to Hamburg .. you know what will expect. *laughter.


  3. Hi, Wendy! We’re big fans of Horseradish here.. so I’ll be trying this one! I had to click on your recipe, I was curious to see what else was in it… only to find creme fraiche (did I spell that right?) Winner!!


    • Hiya… It was so good. And the fresh horseradish grated at the end was good. I forgot it on the main top photo. I also added an apple photo and a little more text on the garnish. I can’t ever seem to remember to put on everything I want to share!


  4. Oh, this looks delicious, my kind of thing! I just came back from a yummy steak at a steakhouse moments ago, and this would have gone well with it :-). The paper thing is interesting – never seen or heard of it before.


    • That paper technique is quick and easy- bit of steaming before you reduce/evaporate your liquid. Or also good for poaching but the pan is not completely sealed shut as with a lid.
      Do you ever look at the magazine Landlust. I’m loving that and I got a subscription last year to Food and Travel de… also another winner. Great recipes in both…not that you need more πŸ™‚


      • I actually looked for Landlust at the supermarket magazine rack last night after you mentioned it but didn’t see it. I’ll keep my eyes open and get one if I find it!


      • you would be proud of me I made a not too bad attempt at Bun Thit Nuong with homemade nuoc cham (okay I think that is what it is called but it is my fav Vietnamese dish – I am jonesing a little for it so I made it myself!) I am now on a hunt for a great vietnamese restaurant locally so I can get the real thing. I am happy I successfully used fish sauce though LOL


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