Turkey Kebabs & Glass Noodle Salad… you heard me right.

Turkey Kebabs & Glass Noodle Salad… you heard me right.

I know what you are thinking… what is it with this chick and the glass noodles? People, I could eat these everyday. I think I must have been Vietnamese in a past life. Or Thai. My palette extends pretty far and wide but I find that when I’m trying to eat healthy, I could add cilantro and/or mint, basil, ginger and garlic and a squirt of fish sauce to just about everything. And I’m thinking the thai chili sauce isn’t so bad either. And I would rather not hear anything contradictory to that warm fuzzy feeling I have about it.

But first, the turkey kebabs…

I found this recipe in the same issue of FOOD & TRAVEL as the Rosenkuchen.. remember that hazelnut yeasted cake around Easter. Let’s just say that was a good issue.

Here’s the recipe for Chappali Puten-Kebab… aka in my world as Thai turkey patties. Now, since I like to be informative here, I have to make a confession. I googled Chappali Kebab. And found Pakastani Chapli kababs. And not until I went to write the recipe here, on this post, did I actually read the fine print in German declaring the Pakistani/ Afghanistan origins. When I see mint, cilantro, ginger and chili flakes I go straight to Thailand in my mind. It’s a small world.

No offense meant to you geography buffs out there, but here’s a little geography reminder… the aforementioned countries are all of course very unique, but certainly there is room for cross over in the arena of food.

Normally these are made with ground beef. And the cilantro is actually coriander seeds. You can trust me now that you have the background info. Bottom line…they were really good. Low fat and flavorful. I made a yogurt dip with peeled, seeded, diced cucumbers, fresh mint and cilantro. You know… that dip you eat with your Indian food.

I started with a a couple of  cups of pepper that would have been mixed in color but my red peppers were hiding a not so nice inside. Shiitake mushrooms sauteed in a little olive oil and sesame oil, with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Fresh chopped cilantro, mint and basil for both the patties and the noodle salad.

Dressing for the glass noodles…sesame oil, rice vinegar, lime, thai chili sauce, fish sauce, fresh grated ginger… I also tossed fresh mizuna into the noodles.

{Print Recipe}

Turkey Kebabs- Makes about 10 small patties. {Print Recipe}
500g (1#) ground turky
2 T mint, fresh minced 
1 T basil, fresh minced 
1 T cilantro, fresh minced 
1 T fennel seeds chopped a bit
1 T (about 10g)ginger minced
1 tsp chile flakes
2 T yogurt
1 tsp salt
dash of tamari
1 T fish sauce

Mix all of the above ingredients and form into small 2 inch patties. Damp hands helps with the stickiness of the ground turkey. These would make great hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, or as we had, for a main meal. Fry the patties up in a little sesame oil/canola blend.

 Let drain a bit on towels…

As I mentioned, I made a little yogurt dip. I also sauteed wedges of cabbage in the pan after frying the patties. Simply add a little more oil and tamari. If it looks a little dry… add a touch of water. You get a steamy, saucy effect.

Or go for the appetizer…

These are recipes that will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied. Enjoy!


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  1. Wendy, my favorite chef … I would like to place my order – the pancakes for breakfast .. and this for dinner. I don’t fancy turkey, but this … I will bite into without even thinking. Printing .. straight away.


  2. OMG …. does that ever look good …. boy, Mr. O, you hit the jackpot in the culinary department! I can hear those sounds of sheer ecstasy when you munch on these babies! Bon Appetite, Ollie Man!


  3. I love glass noodles.. and your presentation of the turkey kebabs is so fun!! Everything I’d want in a dinner.. and wish I could have right this minute. I’m waiting for my works and other obligations to finish up so I can have a quiet evening and a chance to try making this dish.


    • I made this last week and we liked it so much, I just made the turkey patties again last night. My daughter ate them with rice and I ate them with sauteed bell peppers and zucchini on a bed of arugula…with of course thai chili sauce.


    • I tell you, this collection of herbs can be thrown in any ground meat.. maybe even tvp and put with things like glass noodles, cabbage leaves, endive cups. etc. throw a little chili sauce on there and it’s pure delight.


  4. Wonderful sounding recipe, Wendy! I love glass noodles and those ingredients to the kebabs are just what suit my Asian taste buds. I’m sure that the hubby will also love this. 🙂


      • I have basil and cilantro started in my potting shed. The mint and fennel come back each year in the garden. I do enjoy having fresh herbs available. Your recipe sounds so good.


  5. Lovely stuff – glass noodles are delicious so you’ve no reason to be justifying why you eat them so much 😛 Your photo arrangements are beautifully done (as always).


  6. Moin moin Wendy!
    I stumbled across your beautiful blog whilst browsing through other’s comments. I love it! This recipe looks so tasty… I’m following now! Love the photos, I have a lot to learn about photographing food. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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