chocolate chunk cookies with cranberries

Happy Mother’s Day!

And for those who are going through the teen years…These cookies will help get you through.

My Thoughts on Mothering…

In the early years, everyday is mother’s day. Our children beg for our constant attention, which they assume is limitless. We take it for granted. We practically hide in the bathroom for those precious minutes to indulge in solitary thoughts.  I thought today, about the transition between those early years, and the years when the needs shift 180°. When we, as mothers, begin to beg for our children’s attention. We yearn for their affection, appreciation and approval. On special occasions we get coupons for hugs or time. Our cashed in coupons are paid with diligence and a hidden wince as arms that once clung to us for dear life, awkwardly drape around our waists. Heads that once nuzzled into our necks and chests are now stiff with the desire to prove independence. We mothers must learn to live on standby, to keep a daily, redefined distance, yet at a moment’s notice, be ready to absorb the tears of insecurity, disapproval or self disdain. We relish the moments of shared laughter and joys of success. Then miraculously,  a level of self confidence solidifies, the hormones rebalance and independence flows naturally, they return our hugs with the grace of a fellow human being, ready to share and partake in one another’s lives, face the world with a united front. I’m so grateful for my children and all they have taught me.   I thank the universe for bringing us together.

I try to remind myself to stay aware through each moment and stage. To remember that there will be an entire spectrum of emotions that all have their rightful place.

We ate pancakes, eggs benedict and chocolate chunk cookies with cranberries today…

 Here’s a recipe for a mini batch of chocolate chunk cookies when you aren’t up for a whole to-do.  Enjoy any day.

{print recipe here}

¾ cup brown sugar and white sugar mixed
6 T butter
1 small egg
½ tsp vanilla
1 cup flour
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
6-8 oz mixed chocolate bars chopped up. (dark, milk, white)
¼ cup dried cranberries lightly chopped



21 responses

  1. Lovely and well written sentiments. I have gone through those same stages and am happily on the other side where my children are affectionate so much of the time:) Happy Mother’s Day!


  2. OMG Wendy. How did I beget such a wise child! I wish I had had these insights as you and your sister traveled the journey from babyhood to preteens to teens.. and onwards. Somehow, both of you grew up and proceeded through the challenges of life to become the beautiful and loving women you are..raising your children with wisdom and understanding. And every year you both are sweeter and sweeter to your old MOM!! I’m truly blessed.

    I ove you dearly Wendy. Mom


  3. I guess it’s universal…I literally hide in the bathroom from the toddler for a few minutes sometimes! Such an eloquent statement of a mother’s love and a good place to be in, being grateful for the lessons… Thanks for sharing.

    Ps. A tower of cookies like that would win everybody in my house over… They look perfectly golden.


    • I’ve only found dark brown sugar in Asian markets here. I’ve run out of my stash from the states. Might try mail order from the UK. Got to have real packed brown sugar in the house. It’s a staple!!!
      So all cookies requiring brown sugar have a serious tan.


      • Is the brown sugar you talk about the same as muscovado sugar or is it refined cane sugar? It’s always interesting how different the US and UK cooking vocabulary is, even though we speak essentially the same language! 😉


      • That’s exactly it… muscavado. Normally I would use a packed light brown sugar in chocolate chip cookies. But I can’t find it readily over here in Germany. I’ve found dark brown sugar (more molasses I think) in the Asian stores though and it not only works but imparts a slightly different flavor in a good way. The main thing is the moisture unlike a raw unrefined sugar that is brown but loose crystals.


  4. Like cranberry cookie – had them in Belfast somewhere, but in chocolate. What a job to stack them like that .. for the photo. It looks like you stack them in size – biggest in the button. and smallest on top. Did you have that in mind when you made them ????


  5. I can hardly remember the last time I went without food long enough to feel hunger. What a luxury… and feel very aware of writing that. Serious aside… they were yummy and I’m glad these posts wake up your gastric juices!


  6. I just read about five of your recipes without moving from my chair, went to weigh myself and gained two pounds! I should because just reading these recipes is such a pleasure!


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