Shaved Asparagus and Mushroom medley

A wee bit more asparagus…really, you will soon be missing it when the lovely, fresh local spears are gone and the long hauled, pithy ones return.

Yes, the excitement of asparagus season is starting to feel like a movie who’s buzz at the box office has fizzled. The newness has worn and asparagus menus are dwindling. The cost, reflected by the time in the season, has diminished, and the green and white bundles will slowly move to the back of the display along with the boxes of hollandaise. It is hard to believe the month of May has bolted and summer is knocking at the door, the bbq’s warmed up from the holiday weekend. I’ll be getting reacquainted with my grill next month when we head to Orcas Island for the summer. I will admit to simultaneously salivating and bookmarking FoodieCrush for their perfect BBQ ribs and more post. But before we head into the next abundance of garden freshness and charred proteins, I’ve got one more simple, healthy and tasty asparagus recipe.

I saw a lot of shaving happening this year (holding back dirty jokes) …. and I like it. It’s pretty to look at and in this sauté you barely throw these green whispers in at the last minute.

With one large bunch of asparagus I used a peeler to shave as much as I could and cut the remainder bits into one inch pieces.

Slice mixed mushrooms such as shiitakes, oysters and rose buttons…

Lightly season with fresh, peeled and grated ginger…

 and new fresh garlic minced or if you prefer, thinly sliced…

Heat on medium – medium high,  a little combo of 2T olive oil & sesame oil… add approx 2 cups sliced mixed mushrooms and sauté. Add garlic (1-2 cloves) and grated ginger (@ 1/2 tsp) and short bits of asparagus to cook for a few more minutes. Remove from the heat and add asparagus ribbons. Season to taste with a little salt & pepper and a dash of rice vinegar or lemon. Serve as a side dish or top with grilled chicken or salmon.

 Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend…


34 responses

  1. Stunning photos again, Wendy … they are like art!!! Love asparagus – used all up yesterday otherwise I could have this salad with my spare ribs today … this is stunning and the ingredients talks big time to me – so on file we go. So enjoy your photos – you should be a food stylist.


  2. I with you with the ‘shaved vegetable’ vibe too. I’ve been eating things raw,– with the five dollar asian paddle mandolin i’ve been using a lot lately, the radishes, fennel and even zucchini have been quicker prep. gotta like that.. So far I have managed to not lose a finger….


  3. Love the shaved asparagus idea. I wonder if it would hold up lightly pickled in a mason jar — a fresh pickled asparagus to have with some fish? Thanks for the inspiration Wendy! Your photos are stunning!


    • Hi Desi, That’s a good question. I’d experiment. I think the bottoms would hold up thinly sliced for sure. And definitely pickled asparagus with fish. My neighbor use to can whole spears. yum.


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  5. A delicious and pretty use of asparagus. I have used shaved asparagus before but hadn’t thought of going all the way through to the tips. I’m with everyone on this…terrific photos.


    • Thanks Karen. I’m getting a little Lightroom happy with my new understanding of it… I swear I could have 40 photos per post but I’m like back off their cowgirl!
      Glad you like the pics.


  6. Beautiful photography. I’m still on an asparagus buzz even if it is all over the place – I attribute this to only recently discovering it 🙂


  7. Oh my! Forget the ribs, I’m all about this asparagus recipes. What gorgeous photography you have, soooo inspiring. Thanks for linking, I’m so happy to have found you and you’re now in my RSS feed so I can keep up on your delciousness.


    • Oh super! I’ve so enjoyed your site. I wanted to get my ginger ice cream w/ blood orange syrup submitted…but won’t be in the vicinity of my ice cream maker for a couple more weeks. Next time!
      Looking forward to your summer issue.


  8. Finally came on to see what you got and I am going to try the shaved asparagus with the last of my fresh homegrown spears!! Very much looking forward to it and seeing you soon. xoxo


  9. Oh what beautiful shots – and what an amazing-sounding dish! There is asparagus everywhere at the moment so I definitely have to get around to making this – or in fact any dish that involves such pretty shaving!


  10. I need help with my Asian cooking so this section is really helpful. Thank you Wendy! Looks like maybe I was trying too hard to make elaborate sauces, using soy, ginger, garlic, balsamic, dry sherry, lemon etc…recipes I found on the internet. They were never what I wanted. I’m going now to the rest of your Asian inspired recipes……


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