Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am Tuna Sandwich

Do you ever have those nights where you just aren’t in the mood… to make dinner. Well here’s a quickie that will put a smile on your face without a lot of effort. It’s just a little inspiration to pull from when you just can’t get your head around making anything.

Tuna salad with capers, avocado and tomato

Stale potato bread thrown into the toaster oven came back to life with a spongy middle and crunchy crust. Capers pulled from the back of the cabinet perked up some plain tuna and mayo. A thick layer of over ripe avocado spared from the compost bucket spread on both sides of the bread. And one gorgeous tomato plucked from the greenhouse. Did I mention we were back on Orcas Island?

Hearty. Messy.

Can barely get your mouth around it.

The kind of sandwich, once you get it in your hands, you literally can’t put it down… but it’s ok cause it’s so damn good, you don’t want to. Sandwich in one hand. Napkin in the other.

What’s your last minute, I can’t be bothered (but I still want to take pictures of it!) dinner?

And yes… of course you can make this for lunch.


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  1. This is so much like the sandwich we would make Wendy! Except that your smashed, ripe brilliant green avocado would put it straight over the top! Love that there’s something THIS delicious that can be made at almost a moments notice, anytime the lazy mood strikes! And ahhhhhs to Orcas Island!!


  2. Wonderful .. like everything in that sandwich … that top photo makes me droll. You so brilliant with your camera and eye .. to make a tuna sandwich looking that good. Never eaten tuna with avocado before, but there is a first time for everything. Thanks a million for this.


    • I eat avocado on SO many things. We probably eat at least 3/wk. With eggs, chicken salad. And try this. Yesterday a salad with baby kale, halibut, peaches, and avocado. A little minced ginger and onion mixed in. I might have to make it again for a post. It was one of those gathering all the bits in the fridge creations!


      • Halibut one of my favorite fishes … please, do a post … big avocado lover too – do guacamole quite regular and eat on with my breakfast sandwich. Avocado is great for us. You, American are so great eating fruit with everything – love that.


  3. Yum! Although I was too impatient today, I just split an avocado into two halves and attacked one with a spoon. Emptied it in minutes scoop by scoop into my mouth, hehe glutton πŸ˜‰


  4. I love eating this sort of sandwich.. the stuffing would pop out the sides with each bite and I’d have to used my fingers to catch and devour (I know, I sadly lack manners on occasion). I have all but the capers in my kitchen.. and I’d like to have a decent loaf to use, I’m sure to try this one! You must be happy to be back on Orcas? xx


    • You have imagined exactly our dinner that evening… not the best choice for a first date. I’m a caper freak and usually order them by the case. They perk up everything.
      I miss my husband LOADS and Germany but it’s also good to be here. thx. x


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