Polar Bear Plunge 2013, Orcas Island WA

Cascade Lake, Moran State Park, Orcas Island WA 1-1-13
Polar plunge and egg basket-2-2Polar bear plunge. Three very descriptive words. I see a white polar bear in full throttle sinking into an exposed patch of the ice. It is an adrenaline rush that has yet to seduce me.
Polar plunge and egg basket-6-2

Granted, it rarely gets THAT cold here, but never the less. It’s cold. See the boy in blue? Breath clouds his face as he listens on to why the plunge is happening seven minutes later than normal.

Polar plunge and egg basket-4-2

This tradition happens in many places such as Seattle, and across the country, and possibly the world. Our own little Orcas Island polar bear plunge, a fundraiser for the Orcas Rowing Club is scheduled each year at 11:00am. Realistically, it begins New Year’s day about 10.58am and ends around 11:01am. It’s about the only thing that doesn’t fall under “island time”, except on this sunny, inspiring first day of 2013. This year the plunge happened at the top of the lake due to the newly found presence of salmon eggs. More info here if your curious selves are sitting at the edge of your seats.

The crowd gathered to see Otis…(and no jokes about his tail, thank you very much).

Polar plunge and egg basket-3-2

I mean the Polar Bear Plunge….

They waited either in patience or numbness as the last of the attendees found their way to the relocated plunge zone.

Polar plunge and egg basket-5-2

Ready set…. Charge!

Polar plunge and egg basket-7-2Don’t blink or you might miss it…

Polar plunge and egg basket-8

They are out quicker than they are in.

Polar plunge and egg basket-9

Except for those couple at the end who just seem to love the lack of feeling in the top quarter inch of their epidermis 🙂

Polar plunge and egg basket-10We ourselves, me and O, in a close relationship with our long underwear and the layers that garnished a dough boy like figure, found enough adrenaline in a little walk.

Polar plunge and egg basket-12

In Hobbit Land.

Polar plunge and egg basket-13In minutes we are transported to a mossy land covered in ferns, lacy green shoots off of trees as tall as the sky. My wonderment never ceases.

Polar plunge and egg basket-14He likes the gentleness of the moss on his belly.

Polar plunge and egg basket-15This was how we spent our new year’s morning.

For New Year’s or any day, I’d like to pass on this tasty breakfast/brunch item found at my blogging maybe someday real time friend’s place… Karista’s Kitchen, Here’s my take on her eggs in a basket. Go to Karista’s page for the details

I used Hempler’s uncured bacon and cheddar cheese. I cooked up the bacon a little, laid it in the muffin tin followed by a raw egg. I baked at 450° for about 8-10 min.Polar plunge and egg basket-2

The bacon went all crispy in a good way. I ran outside and the hot little guy shriveled up yelling to me don’t I know any better. I explained the picnic table out back is my source of natural light.

Polar plunge and egg basket-4We went back in to top up with the forgotten cheddar and warm up… only to be yanked back outside for another shot. Poor bacon and egg cup.

Trust me though, it’s a lot of reward for little work.

Polar plunge and egg basket-6And one last Happy New Year! How long can we say that anyway?

Tschüß  xo

28 responses

  1. I don’t know how people can do that — it’s sooo cold! They also have it here in Chicago and it’s even colder, but all I can see is getting sick. Love your “hobbit” photos — simply magical! And I love these breakfast treats — great combo!


    • Hi Danny- Ditto here. I can barely get under a cold shower after a sauna even when I know I can hop straight back into the heat. I can’t even imagine Chicago!!
      Happy (belated) New Year. cheers…wendy


  2. What a fabulous post Wendy!! I giggled all the way through it. So love your sense of humor 🙂 I’m with Danny, the Hobbit photos are magical. I love Beeler’s bacon, I’m trying your version next time. Yum!


    • Thanks Karista- We had a nice morning followed by a little flu that hit me just for a couple days. Too much sugar and too little sleep. I’m back on track now. I’ll check out the Beeler’s bacon. wendy


  3. Wendy – they are mad as dogs over there too – here they do it all the time, make holes in the ice. I suppose that is what make us, Vikings, and there is loads of Viking blood in the Seattle area. It makes your heart stronger, they say … like warm showers too much to give it ago. Great photos. And I like that bacon basket – me how eat bacon and egg for dinner at times. Thank you so much – what a brilliant idea. Did you cook the bacon before you make the basket??? Otis is pure darling. In Hobbit Land – not really my type of film … but your photos are stunning, green as on Ireland. Thanks for sharing your day – lovely to hear from you.


    • Cracking ice… crazy. I guess it will either make your heart stronger or give you a cardiac arrest! I did cook the bacon but just till cooked and still flexible. It crisped up perfect with the eggs baking. I’d easily eat this with a little side salad for dinner. Glad we started the New Year with some sun because it’s been raining ever since. Otis and I had a very wet muddy walk today. cheers… x


      • Not cracking .. the ice, they saw ice – and then they jump in. It’s so cold … and under minus. First a steaming sauna and then into the ice pool.

        Really like the idea about with the bacon baskets.
        Our bacon so thinly sliced, miss the British – will have it this week before I leave for mums.

        It’s wet and rainy here too .. muddy .. hate it – I bet he need a good shower when he comes home .. under the stomach and legs. Remember our dog – he loved to get a nice shower underneath after a muddy walk. He are so adore able, Otis. They should stay in the size .. the adorable size.
        Walk carefully. *smile


  4. Oh those woods, I much prefer them to the crazy water sport brrrr! I like Otis, I think he’s a wise dog 🙂
    Thanks for sharing that quick recipe. Lol at you making those poor eggs do the polar plunge twice! I’ve seen it all over Pinterest but never had bacon in the house. But since this Saturday just gone, I do! And I’m making these for brunch oh yes 🙂
    Happy New Year! I’ll keep saying it if you do lol 😉


    • Right – eggs taking the polar plunge. God you are clever. I would like to think I was making a subtle reference to that but it totally went past me. I’m one for keeping a little bacon on hand in the freezer. So it’s a go to one the fridge is sparse. How did you like them?


  5. Oh shiver me timbers! If it weren’t for how beautiful your photos, I couldn’t “bear” to look much longer! Love these gutsy folk though! And that DOG! Spitting image of our (very) old gentleman Luke. Happy New Year, friend! xx


  6. Oh…. Brrrrr!! I lived in Vancouver for 8 years. The annual Polar Bear plunge was something I never understood, and smoked salmon, I never understood smoked salmon either! But your post, well that I understand and like. Happy New Year Wendy!


    • Oh too bad you still aren’t there. I’d love another reason to visit Vancouver. If you are out this way you must visit Orcas and I’ll help you understand smoked salmon. Although I’ve yet to find what we had in Hamburg. It was juicy and fatty. Which I have a feeling might gross you out.
      Glad you liked the post though… happy 2013.


  7. Truly divine and delicious. My sister loves to make these whenever we gather and it’s one of the nicest brunch things I ever enjoyed! As for the Icelandic plunge, I’ll just add they’re all incredibly brave!

    Love that beautiful forest and stunning scenery, now I truly understand why it took your breath away.


    • Hiya- My calendar alarm just went off this week to remind me of your zen dinner. I still have a hankering for that.
      I’ve seen those egg cups but seeing Karista’s just hit me at the right time and they were so easy and good. I’ll be making them on a regular basis.


  8. I did the polar bear plunge a few times in high school. Then I graduated, became an adult, and decided I was crazy to do that.

    I wonder if my roommate has a muffin pan. I need to make those.


  9. Oh what a glorious post! I am with you on the adrenaline to be plentiful in a brisk winter walk – no need to go jumping in the lake! We have a similar crazy event here where people plunge into the Serpentine in Hyde Park in December each year. Madness. I am rather taken with Otis who looks completely silky and adorable – and taken, of course, by your long-suffering egg and bacon cups!


  10. We have a similar event in the East Coast beach town I grew up in. My grandmother used to swim in the ocean from the middle of march to the middle of November – hardy European that she was. Although I am a hard core scuba diver, this never appealed to me. But it looks like fun. Those pictures of your walk are just magical and what better way to warm one’s tummy than eggs in a basket.


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