New Year’s Salad and welcome Otis

New Year's Salad & Otis-5Just a little hello on the last day of 2012.

Here is a salad inspired by my friend Jen who’s roots grow from Sweden. This salad, her mother’s holiday special is a great way to ring in the New Year.

Here are the nuts and bolts:

PM New Year's Salad & Otis-3

I made an orange vinaigrette with olive oil, a little balsamic and white wine vinegar, a bit of orange juice, maple syrup and a dash of garlic powder, salt and pepper.

New Year's Salad & Otis-8I’ve got it prepped, packed up and ready to take to a small dinner party.

New Year's Salad & Otis-7

We have enjoyed our holiday season with the best part being a new addition to the family. Here you can take a guess…What’s different in this picture?

2012-12-31_001If you guessed this… you are right! Welcome Otis.

New Year's Salad & Otis-10We are all totally in love with our newest four legged family member. He came home with us two weeks ago. I don’t want to exploit him too much but he’s about as cute, soft and fuzzy as they come. He’s half standard American Golden Retriever and half English Cream. The English Cream are supposedly a little calmer and have less chances of health issues. We had thought about going for another breed… but well, we just couldn’t. We are a golden family πŸ™‚

BS Otis

We are leaving for our dinner in about twenty minutes, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. We are going way over to the other side of the island to celebrate New Year’s Eve (a whole 40 minutes) and staying the night. I’ve got Otis’ overnight bag packed which includes two pig ears to keep him busy through the night.

Have the most wonderful start to 2013…xo


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  1. Happy New Year, Wendy! I’m not a pet person, but that dog looks adorable… And as for the salad, the dressing sounds really good, will try to make that as one of my new year’s resolutions is eating more salad, and I’m always stuck for dressings. What a good idea to bag the individual salad ingredients for travelling – so easy but I wouldn’t have thought of it.


    • Happy new year to you Kiki. This guy would change your mind…He’s even mellow!
      I’ve got some great winter salads to share. I’m on the straight and narrow for a bit so you won’t see many desserts for now. Well at least that’s the plan this first day of 2013 πŸ˜‰ the baggies are a good way to travel and throw together a la minute. xx wendy


      • I just put together a huge salad and made your dressing. Luckily I made a larger batch of the dressing, because it’s fab and I’ll be having more of it in the next days!!


  2. Welcome Otis …. he are wonderful, Wendy …. I just adore that second last photo of him. I bet he will keep you busy and all the fresh air you will get on top of all the walking. Are a bit envy. Your Christmas is magnificent too. Even if my roots are well down in Swedish soil – I never seen this salad before, but I like all the ingredients and so easy to make … wonderful.
    I wish you and everybody around only the BEST for 2013.
    Hope to see a bit more of you .. in this world too.
    Lots of Wivi


    • Happy new year to you dear viveka. He is keeping us busy and I have succumbed to a little bug I think from lack of sleep. It’s honestly a little like a new baby except we can stick the baby in the bathroom for the night if he’s really driving us nuts πŸ™‚
      Have a super beginning of 2013.
      Cheers….xx wendy
      PS- have no idea really the origin of the salad. Just that my friend’s mom is Swedish and makes it for Christmas dinner πŸ˜‰


      • No .. don’t put Otis in the bathroom *smile No wonder he goes nuts *laughing.
        Looking forward to read about home baked doggy cookies now – and photos of a sweet four legged soul.

        Anything can be a tradition – we make it own. So this salad could have been eat somewhere abroad and her mum has made it hers. That’s why food is so personal and exciting.


  3. Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t miss this post!! Welcome, welcome to Otis!! The newest member of our blogging family.. I can’t wait to see him in 2013! Happy New Year to you and all of your loved ones, Wendy, I hope your New Year’s Eve was as wonderful as that salad looks!! xxxx


    • Thanks Smidge! We had a lovely mellow evening with friends who made an incredible seafood paella. The salad held its own.
      Happy new year to you… I’ll try not to over post the new pooch although it will be hard!
      Cheers! xox


  4. OTIS!!! Please, exploit, exploit!!! He is beautiful and I think Rockefeller would love to see more of him. What a great addition to the family.

    Beautiful salad too. We make an Apple Fig Salad at work that is similar–apples, figs, brie, red onions and carrots. I love the idea of grapefruit on it. xo


    • Oh the places’s we’ll go. We are having so much fun and I’m sure he will make his presence known on the blog.
      Apple fig brie… red onion and carrots. Great. I’ll have a go at that and share it with my friend Jen.
      Cheers πŸ™‚


  5. Happy Happy New Year, Wendy! And Otis is such a sweetie! I’m such a dog person that any cute furry face makes me weak in the knees! Happy new family! And I just love this salad, the ingredients (dried fruit, nuts and cheese on greens is heavenly) and the dressing sounds just fabulous! I’ll definitely try this! Beautiful! Wishing you all the best and much happiness in 2013!


    • Thanks Jamie… hope you are enjoying the start of 2013 in your new digs. You’ve had a big year with many accomplishments. Feel proud.
      I think Otis is about the softest and often cuddliest puppy I’ve ever known. We are having a blast.
      This is really a tasty and interesting salad that really holds it’s own on a table full of flavors.
      Happy New Year πŸ™‚ xo wendy


  6. Well hello Ottis !! I’ve fallen instantly in love too, one day I would love to have a dog, and looking at Ottis, well he’d fit the bill perfectly.
    Loving the salad combination too – a crunchy way to bring in the new year πŸ™‚
    a belated happy new year Wendy, very much looking forward to seeing what your new year brings you in the kitchen and garden and life, Claire x


  7. The new member of your family is adorable and yes…very fuzzy and cuddly. Your salad sounds delicious. I’m sure your guests enjoyed it. All the best in the new year.


  8. Where did you get Otis? We’ve got a breeder in Woodinville that we’ve been waiting for since last October. Her lady just doesn’t want to get pregnant. It feels like we’ve been waiting for so long that I’m getting impatient, and want to look around for other options. Any suggestions? Would you recommend your breeder?


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