Macrina’s and my GF morning glory

Morning Glory Muffins Gluten free-10

The morning began at 5.30am when first I realized I had slept seven hours straight. Is my puppy still breathing? Was my first thought. He slept all by his independent self (not on the couch because we’d never allow that). We have gone like few others without a crate. Usually, he stretches his newly elongated body across the bottom of our bed. But this lovely morning, I awoke like sleeping beauty after a kiss from her prince… except maybe with a few more well earned laugh lines and sun damage. And I was happy to feel so rested because…

Morning Glory Muffins Gluten free

This morning I was anxious to check my mail as we were awaiting an update on O’s visa. The last document, a police certificate from the Netherlands has indeed arrived and the final interview will be scheduled shortly. I refrain from immediately responding with, “can you please define shortly”. I can only imagine the angst produced before the convenience of email. Early on I was politely told that email inquiries might actually delay the process. Note to self. From then on I tried to cleverly disguise my inquiries with valid questions. We have experienced only pleasant helpful responses.

I just want to say right now we are putting the music on for the happy dance. And I want to say thanks especially to TH at UCSIS for encouraging me last November to hand deliver in Frankfurt the first large packet of life defining materials in order to hasten this process.  O and I have lived differently these first forty something years. His consistency, drive and stability have combined well with my, how can I say this in a positive way, my spontaneity, tenacity, and creativity. Phew. That’s hard on both parts to sum up in three adjectives so it is certainly not the full description of who we each are. BUT…. when you fill out these papers with where you have lived, your divorces (or lack thereof), your employment etc… one might see a trend.

Morning Glory Muffins Gluten free-8

Here we are though, a dozen affidavits later from friends and family who claimed our love is true, moments away from a certificate pasted in a passport that will bring us greencard glory. I would also like to thank MS in Frankfurt for his updates and help this past month. And now I’m wondering if after this is all said and done and O’s two feet are firmly planted on US soil, would I actually send them a link to my blog and show them my thanks! If I could I would send them some Morning Glory muffins.

Morning Glory Muffins Gluten free-6

So to celebrate, instead of the miso soup with shitakes, cabbage and glass noodles I was going to post. I’m making outrageous early morning muffins. Just in Seattle this past weekend, we enjoyed a savory brunch at Macrina Bakery and Cafe and took home a couple treats including the Morning Glory muffin. I’ve owned a signed copy of Leslie Mackie’s Macrina Bakery & Cafe Cookbook since about when she wrote it in 2003. I’ll be damned if my copy has this recipe in it but several sites online sourced it from this book. Maybe it’s the updated version with a new chapter. I have retrieved the recipe from the once Seattle local Cake Spy . I have adapted it using GF flours and a few other things.

Such as currants, brown sugar, flax seeds and olive oil…

Morning Glory Muffins Gluten free-2

Actually, it’s quite adapted and I almost wonder if Ms. Mackie would be rather pissed that I even referred to her gorgeous muffins.  And don’t get me started on GF. My fashion trending sucks, but I’m often being dragged through the street clinging white knuckled to the back of the food bandwagon.  So these are made with Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Flour,  Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal, and Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa Flour  and their GF oats. Sometimes I think it is just me liking a challenge. No details on these flours yet because I can’t be bothered with to much info in one post and I’m pushing the envelope here already!

Morning Glory Muffins Gluten free-3

{Print GF Morning Glory Muffin Recipe}

And now I suppose you are waiting to hear how they actually taste. Well they don’t taste like Macrina’s but if you really did need to be GF – you’d like them. Maybe a lot. I like them especially when you actually wait the requested twenty minutes for them to cool and like a chicken the moisture soaks into the meat of it…And a little spread of butter works very well.  But I don’t require GF and I will be buying myself another pineapple tomorrow. I want another taste of the “real” thing.

And very last thing to say… this isn’t the first time these muffins have been posted and won’t be the last (well maybe this version). I’m all about the food but let’s face it, this virtual community thing is powerful and we are inspired to share. It is our human need as social beings. I want to share because I feel heard. Thank you.

Morning Glory Muffins Gluten free-11

Hope you all have a glorious day and week xx

UPDATE: Teen daughter gives thumbs up!


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PS – Otis totally slept on the couch. And sometimes he sleeps on the little bed when I work:


25 responses

    • He’s spoiled and pampered but I am strict about people food. None of that so far. The muffins had a bit of a quinoa scent. That flour is strong- not bad but you just need to get use to it. We snarfed them all down though without hesitation:-)


  1. Looks absolutely delicious – all the oaty, nutty, fruity goodness in it! Thanks for sharing – great healthy breakfast food 🙂 Hope O’s papers etc get sorted very soon. Sounds like a lot of work!
    You had to put an adorable photo of Otis at the end didn’t you? He even uses a pillow!!! We really don’t need a reward for getting to the end of your posts, they are always packed full of loveliness 😉


    • Thank you… I don’t mean to make him a draw but he’s so damn cute I can’t help it. And a little sugar at the end can’t hurt 🙂
      These muffins are some healthy goodness- am going to make them again very shortly with the regular ingredients. Can’t have to many right?!! x wendy


  2. Hi Wendy,
    You are heard. The dog probably does not want to listen but we do. Keep at it and good news on the visa front.
    Our new hound is currently not let up on the couches even though she loves to push the boundaries. I am determined….


    • You are a stronger person than I. Well done on that. Are you crate training? I do use a baby gate for confinement and am grateful for the peace that ensues.
      Heading to your blogosphere soon. Time to enjoy some meaty recipes.
      cheers… wendy


  3. Can see it’s not only you that have a good sleep … bless him *smile This will happen my world next week – but I will not be able to get either of the flours you have been using. So I have to .. improvise here. Have you made anything that the family don’t give thumbs up for. ???? What a carry on with Mr O’s visa …. I wonder if they don’t do it on purpose so we give up and don’t bother about this anymore. Hopefully he will be soon with you … I think you should send them the link – that is what I do when I done a review – not many come back to me .. but some does .. and I think it’s a very nice touch. Keep me posted. Lovely to see you bake again.


    • I’m the one who went a little overboard on the improvising! You can just use 2 cups of plain AP flour and canola (rapeseed) oil. I’m doing them again this weekend the non GF way.
      The visa process has been some work but really we cannot complain (though we do a little) – it can take many many months or even years and we are lucky it will be about 3-4 for us total. xo wendy


  4. Otis is so cute! Thank goodness he is starting to sleep all night for you. More importantly, I am happy you and O are seeing progress and will soon have the mad mess of paper work behind you.

    The muffins look very yummy!


  5. Wendy, I have my fingers crossed for you, speedy-visa-wise. I like a muffin with a little of this and a little of that – it’s how we used to make them at the bakery I worked at in high school. Also, put pineapple in anything and I am sold (not to mention – put a puppy picture at the end of a post and I am in love!).


    • I just love pineapple – always goes in my carrot cake too. Let’s face it, really aren’t morning glory muffins basically a muffin shaped carrot cake?
      All yummy.
      As piercing as his little teeth and young bark can be- we are totally in love with him. He’s a keeper!


    • Belltown is a very cool little pocket of downtown Seattle. We might stay there in a couple weeks on a house trade. I’m looking forward to daily Macrina visits! We will definitely make the most of it. Give a holler next time you are in town 🙂


    • Yes! Sometimes you don’t even realize you are operating at about 75% until you realize what closer to 100% is. I so appreciate sleep and am grateful it comes easy.
      And we will all be happy campers when the move is all said and done- and I can stop wanking about it in my posts!!! cheers……xx wendy


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  7. Can’t imagine a more fitting recipe than one as Glorious as this to mark a long-awaited and Glorious outcome! So very happy for you Wendy! O so very happy! 🙂


  8. Hahaha! I so love to read your posts Wendy. These muffins look divine! I just added them to my “muffin” post today. I didn’t realize you posted these until I went scouring for additonal muffin recipes to add to my jam muffin post. Great minds think alike 🙂 Sounds like things are coming along and O will be home soon. Have a wonderful weekend!


    • That was good. It was a muffin week – I’m making more this weekend. Maybe I’ll combine our two recipes. So tell me did you actually get plum ginger jam or did I miss mark it and it’s raspberry? Either way the fruit is from the Olga hood. x wendy


      • Oh no, the jam in the muffins was something I had on hand. I LOVE your plum ginger jam. It’s being savored and slathered on biscuits, toast and scones. Hands down the best plum jam I’ve ever had Wendy!


  9. Phew over the green card. A friend of mine went for the interview in NYC with her German husband and asked him to bring their wedding album. He arrived at the meeting with what he thought were relevant pictures he had ripped out of the album. Wife started screaming at him and he got his card approved on the spot. It was so obvious they were married. I was just looking up morning glory muffins a few weeks ago. I’n not GF but these look great.


  10. I’m sure she did give a thumbs up.. my kids are still sleeping and I know they’d be thrilled to wake up to these little sweeties! Congratulations are in order, it sounds like such an arduous process.. you must be thrilled. ps I’m glad you’re the spontaneous, tenacious and creative type or we wouldn’t have these wonderful recipes:D xx Smidge


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