Spaghetti squash and sausage

spaghetti squash and meatballs-10

I’m rounding up January with one more healthy dish. I won’t even pretend to disguise the fact that I’ve been nibbling at the chocolate with virtual abandon but will also report, I’m starting my fourth week of regular exercise. Despite the scale’s refusal to acquiesce in a manner I’d prefer, there is just less meat to grab in the middle, if you know what I mean. I can work with that. Unfortunately, being on my own right now there is nobody to test my theory… but I’ll keep you posted 🙂

We’ve had a good couple weeks, striking through many items on our list(s) and feeling like we are moving forward in life. O, still in Germany, is back in the room where he grew up till he finishes the semester and homeland security gives us a green light. We are counting down the days till we can enjoy life as a non-commuter family, at least till October.

I also finally set up the Lowell Ego light I received as a Christmas gift from my mother. Thanks mom! Don’t take this the wrong way, but I was amazed at how such a flimsy, plastic, kind of crap light is so entirely perfect. Granted, I’ve nothing to compare it to, but so far it has proven far better than photos with overhead room lights. Leary about its quality after reading many reviews, I was prepared for the worst. It is a wee bit scary to put together. Simple, but you feel like you are going to break it before you even flip the switch. I did only buy one to try out and I’m not sure if I would buy a second. So here’s my first ever set of photos taken after dark. I’ll keep practicing.

On to some chow…I’ve got a simple dish here that will please your palette and your waistline. It is combined inspiration from  Karen @ Backroad Journal’s spaghetti squash and Karista @ Karista’s kitchen’s meatballs. It is the lazy version.

spaghetti squash and meatballs

The spaghetti squash is split in half and seeds are scooped out. I drizzle a little olive oil, salt and pepper and some herb- tonight it was thyme. Often it’s fresh rosemary. I love how these guys are starting to break a sweat under the light!

spaghetti squash and meatballs-2

The squash was baked with a little water at the bottom of the pan (glass dish is fine) at 400°F for 45 minutes. You know it’s done when easily punctured with a knife. The inside is scraped up with a fork into strands… hence the name spaghetti squash.

spaghetti squash and meatballs-7

Again, being the lazy road here, I used one 16oz package of Isernio’s breakfast chicken sausage.

spaghetti squash and meatballs-4

All I added was a little fennel seed, oregano, thyme and sage and 1/2 cup of diced apples. We are still working off a few of our apples in cold storage from December.

spaghetti squash and meatballs-3

And 1/3 cup diced onions…

spaghetti squash and meatballs-6

The meatballs were a little sticky and rough around the edges because I skipped on the egg and breadcrumbs. I could lie and say it was to keep it GF. It was just due to the lazy part and frankly, being completely caught up with my new light. Honestly, there’s no need for the accurate measurements, it was just easier for photos!

spaghetti squash and meatballs-5I heated up a little olive oil and butter and plopped sticky balls in the pan to brown them. I finished them off in the oven at 400°F for about 10 minutes.

spaghetti squash and meatballs-8I steamed a little kale in the frying pan juices and had a little fun plating it up. I drizzled a tad more olive oil on the squash. Chloe was impressed with the presentation but not mad on the squash. I had to pull out these sweet Pillivuyt plates because our everyday dishes are fiestaware and I wanted a white plate. But I’ll say, it was a little more fun to eat like this.

spaghetti squash and meatballs-9I’m so looking forward to baking again.

Tschüß xo

And a little hello from Otis.. the days of rinsing him off in the sink with the sprayer are numbered…

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44 responses

  1. I agree with Barbara. Otis is adorable! 🙂 He is not doing me much good in the resisting front of getting a dog (shhh! ) heehee. I like this recipe….how spaghetti squash lighten the sausage, but then the sausages look pretty light and healthy with the way you prepared it. 🙂


    • Oh get one. I was the worst dog stalker all of last year. He is bringing so much joy to our family.
      I love a good italian sausage but when I want something a little on the lighter side- this chicken sausage works. I also like that this brand doesn’t use nitrates.


  2. The spaghetti squash looks so lovely as it nurses these little gems of meatball. Confession, I’ve never tried spaghetti squash (tried many others) but I’ve had difficulty finding that aridity in Oz. Still looks nutritious & nurturing though… 🙂


    • You’ll have to visit Orcas Island! The light is doing a fine job and will be fun to get to know a little better. We are all so self taught 🙂
      Ja ich vermisse Hamburg aber hier ist auch gut und wir haben mehr Platz. Ich freue mich auf einen Garten zu haben wieder. LG wendy


  3. Like the idea of the squash spaghetti – never seen that before and I like everything about the chicken meatballs, never done a meatball made of chicken in my life, but I like the whole idea with the apple and onion. Wendy, a truly beautiful dish .. just like that wee Otis. So this I have to file. If time I will try it out next week coming. Your photos are so delicate.


    • Thanks Viveka- In Hamburg I would order ground turkey or chicken and they would do it for me first thing in the morning before they started the beef. The butcher thought I was a little off but did it happily. And you can look up my sausage recipe in the archives. I did it without casings but it worked. This packaged stuff is nice though when you just want to whack something on the stove. x wendy


      • I remember you post about the turkey mince .. never seen minced chicken or turkey ever in Sweden. We can buy ready made chicken meatballs … as I said before you have so much wired and wonderful over there .. but also some scary stuff. *smile
        Love the way you did the spaghetti out the squash.


  4. LOL at me. I got confused at the title wondering what squashed spaghetti was all about… this looks delicious! I’ve not had this type of squash before – is it actually called spaghetti squash? I don’t see a lot of varieties in shops over here although having said that, last week I went shopping with my mum and was surprised to see a price tag for “squashes – different varieties” and there were four different ones, aside from the more common butternut. The sausage doesn’t half look delicious too. Healthiness is goooooooood – love the posh plating up too 🙂
    (And Otis is adorable!)


    • Or how about squash the drink? Maybe some of the farmers at the market would know? I googled it and it does seem to be a question of where in the UK- someone said Waitrose (i loved that store) but it was about 4 years old. Others were growing it themselves. Keep an eye out for it though- you’ll love it.
      Otis is something… right? We adore him.


  5. Adorable! It’s amazing how little puppies are so much like little babies. I just wish I could put diapers on our mini schnauzer as we are housebreaking. Your relocation is sounding like its moving along. The food pictures are really beautiful. Loved this recipe. I usually make meatloaf and I might try adding apple bits to it!


    • So far so good on the shipment. It will be in Seattle Feb 5. Now we just hold our breaths on this end- we’ve got a grand piano that already suffered a little on the move out of Hamburg.
      The pups are loads of fun and it is a relief when they figure out the potty bit. We, I think… knock on wood… are there. No accidents in about 3 weeks. He gets pretty full on attention though.
      Is that a ground chicken meatloaf. I could easily see that.


  6. oh, oh Otis!!! Like our Luke as a pup. Breaks my heart wide open, in a very good sort of way! Love the idea of spaghetti squash as a base for a satisfyingly healthy dish…but then there’s Otis and I just can’t get much past Otis. 🙂 How ARE you doing it, Wendy,wiithout your dear Mr. O? That would be such tough duty, methinks! Wishing a speedy reunion for you!


    • Did I tell you already we loved the name Luke but my sister nailed it first for their Lab pup. Otis has very much grown into his name though.
      I will be one happy camper when we are all on the same side of the pond… for sure. He’s my best friend and such a good eater too! We’re getting there 😉
      The spaghetti squash is definitely a la mode for me (and many) right now.
      x wendy


  7. wow, I’ve never heard of spaghetti squash before, but thanks to you, now I know they look really beautiful and delicious 😉 btw, Otis is soooooo adorable, send him my “hello” ^^


  8. Beautiful photos as always. Spaghetti squash seems to be fast becoming the vegetable of the year and it saddens me that I haven’t even come across one. Pairing those delicious sounding apple and herb meatballs with the sweet squash sounds like a fantastic idea. I’m looking forward to your return to baking too.


    • Oh I’ve been laying awake at night conjuring up recipes and images. Actually last night it was homemade ice cream with pistachio praline.
      If you do come across it, post it because a lot of UK’ers are in wonderment.
      xx wendy


    • Hell to the no. These are chicken sausages- read the package…only 80 cal/serving. And the spaghetti squash is negative calories- like a grapefruit. Save the jumping jacks for your yummy snowballs 🙂


  9. I just discovered your blog and I love it! So many fresh and tasty recipes, like this one. It makes me happy to find a blog that fires up my culinary imagination. And Otis is adorable – I just got a puppy so suddenly, I’m fascinated by other people’s dog’s too.


  10. Hi Wendy. This is my first time visiting your blog and I am so glad I did. This recipe looks simply delicious. I love spaghetti squash. I will try it this way next time because it looks delightful.


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