Apple quince crumb cake

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-5

I’m still enjoying the last bits of Germany. I’ve walked the architecturally divine streets of the small town of Detmold, the location of the Hochschule für Musik where O is officially finishing up his last semester as Professor. And we spent several days in Babblesburg with my Schwiegermutter (mother-in-law) and Schwägerin (sister-in-law) and family in Babelsburg, which lies just outside of Potsdam, (which lies just outside of Berlin:) But before I share photos on my days here, I must get this cinnamon apple crumb cake recipe out to you. If you ever happened to search the Internet with the not so original words apple crumb cake, you might have already stumbled across this recipe from buttercreamblondie. It is a go to this fall for apple cake. I researched quite a few recipes and am not sure how this one was developed but I very much like the ratios. I followed the recipe exactly except for the addition of about a cup of honey poached quince. Ok I’m lying a little because the first time I had to cut in 1/2 cup full fat yogurt cause I didn’t have enough sour cream. Anybody out there watch the sitcom The Middle? Imagine me tucking my head to my chest and whispering “I’m lying”.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-2

I will step back in time to a morning a couple weeks ago before I flew across the Atlantic. The morning of our apple pressing day. I love a relaxed Saturday morning followed by a productive day. I have missed these Saturdays having worked most weekends since May. I had all my ingredients in front of me. A strong cup of coffee with cream and sugar, a nibble of eggs and sausage and a wonderful state of mind were mine to be enjoyed.

Here’s a look at my counter on such a morning. A look inside my head that morning would have also been nice unlike some days where it’s overflowing with worries, concerns, have to’s, missings and such.  I labeled a few extraneous bits.

Apple crumb cake morning

First off is the crumb. There is a lot of controversy over streusel and crumb for some- others just interchange the two as if they are identical. God there is so much information everywhere. Theoretically I think this is a classic streusel- especially being in Germany and this IS their streusel (although often not as sweet). Maybe I’ve wrongly considered this a crumb for the last 25 years (let’s just say that’s when I learned to turn on an oven). But I’m not the only one. Going a little off track here. but check out this gorgeous coffee cake from Bon Appetit. Like the one I ate with serious crumb ration from Dean and Deluca in NYC 2012. Crumb. Crumb. Crumb. The ratio of sugar, fat and flour and the temperature of your fats will shift the texture. The addition of oats and nuts a further binder, different texture and taste. I generally use soft butter, and the addition of oats and varying nuts for my “streusel”. For the “crumb”, melted butter worked into brown and white sugar, flour, cinnamon and a pinch of salt seems to be the thing. (This is what I made here and set in the fridge)

Bottom line: Don’t imagine how much time I just spent reading about crumb and streusel. There is no final answer. And when you see a recipe for crumb or streusel – read it without preconceived notions as to its definition! And just think how many times I’ve said crumb- The little SEO gnome will be jumping up and down. CRUMB.

Shall we talk crumble? (because really this is streusel!)

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-3

Where was I….

Simply mix the dry ingredients all together and the wet ingredients all together. Followed by mixing wet and dry ALL together a third at a time starting and ending with dries. Add fruit. I used a glass pan lined with parchment paper or you could use an 8×8 square tin or springform pan.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013

Batter is evenly poured into your pan of choice. Give it a little tap to settle it. Pull the chilled crumb from the top and place on top of the batter trying hard not to nibble on too much of this heavenly sugar butter mix. I think I always say that.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-4

About 50 minutes at 350° will yield a scrumptious cake to be enjoyed morning, afternoon and night.  Mornings it was nibbled on before or on the way to school. Afternoons, a big slice, or three little ones with whipped cream and a cup of coffee say after an apple cider pressing.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-14Evenings, another half of a slice even when earlier you really thought you couldn’t’ eat another bite.

It’s perfect for a brunch at home, to take to friends or just have around for your own consumption through the week. It holds well for several days and I think is at its peak day 2 and 3.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-18

So maybe give this a try today or at the weekend and you too will have a happy household, whether you are a party of one or a family of many!

My thanks to buttercreamblondie. Here is the recipe from her:

Apple cinnamon crumb cake

Do you bother to define your toppings?

Tschüß xx

34 responses

  1. Crumb, crumble and streusel, I love them all… especially with apples. They just seem to work so well together whether in a cake, muffin or dessert. I adore this kind of cake because this is what we love for breakfasts and snacks. Perfect. And it just shouts autumn (albeit softly). Thanks for passing on the recipe… I will be making this for my husband who loves apple coffee cakes.


  2. Mmm, this recipe looks like perfection. Apple cakes are one of my favorites- they stay so moist! And you really can’t go wrong with such a yummy crumbly topping 🙂 I’ve never had a quince but now I’m so curious! Going to go do some research…


  3. I agree wholeheartedly! It’s definitely a struesel cake, but a mighty fine one at that! So glad to see I’m not the only one who nibbles away on breakky (whilst) I cook & snap. It’s true there’s a happy sense of accomplishment which comes about (whilst bring) productive!


  4. I love streusel toppings or crumb toppings or whatever they’re called! I don’t know the technical division between the types but anything buttery, crunchy and crumbly (preferably with oats or nuts) is a favourite in my mind! Love the idea of this beautiful cake. I can imagine how good it must’ve smelled fresh out of the oven! Glad that you’ve been having a wonderful time with family. I’ve never been to Germany but I’d like to go one day, it sounds like an amazing place xx


    • It’s a beautiful country with a lot of history and culture. I’m happy to have my foot officially in the door by marriage:)
      This little cake did smell good but what is really aromatic are the quince. Especially when they patiently sit in a box on the porch waiting to be appreciated and used in a special recipe. I went on to make quince jam which I now eat every morning on my sourdough bread. That’s my new diet and i love it. x wt


  5. Love crumbs … in any shape and form!!!
    This is one for me … and I don’t really care about term neither, so long as it taste good.
    But first you ricotta pancakes.
    Can’t believe how big “puppy” has become – big boy now. Love that porch photo.


    • He is still very sweet and currently lying on the bottom of the bed. Very spoiled too.
      I love the quince added to this. I want to do more with quince next year. We have one big old tree that makes lots of little tart fruits. cheers x


      • Surprised that quince grow in US, I have only eaten it ones. When visiting Lebanon. Don’t think I can buy it over here even.
        Our pets should be spoiled … they give us so much.


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  7. I’m also from pacific NW and recently discovered quince. Oh my! Did you add the quince to the apple mix or sub the quince for some of the apples? This recipe sounds lovely. Thanks for the idea!


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