spiced applesauce cake

applesauce cakeSo you might be thinking this is a little more fall like and it is similar to the apple quince crumb cake but to me it’s more of a grab and go slice. I’d eat this after a workout.  And it is a great little cake for January when you want to feel like you are eating on the lighter side. When you still want something sweet but not like cranberry cheesecake or chocolate mousse sweet. This easy to make and easy to eat cake can double as a breakfast cake or afternoon tea cake. OR if you want, slap a little cinnamon cream cheese or buttercream frosting on it, or spiced caramel sauce or how about Fat Toad’s cinnamon caramel sauce… and call it dessert. You can find this amazing goat caramel sauce at Chez Chloe but to buy now visit Fat Toad🙂

Fat Toad cinnamon caramel sauce

This works:

Applesauce cake-19

I had three boxes of apples sitting on my porch staring me down for a couple months… literally screaming to me everyday. “We are rotting before your eyes Wendy… HELP.”  When little teeth/scratchy marks started appearing, I finally responded. Attracting varmint to the front porch is not high on my list despite the fact we do live in a country setting and even our rats eat organic.

This cake started with the making of applesauce. Do I have an actual recipe? No. I filled this enormous pot…

Applesauce cake-2

with peeled and cored apples and added about 3 cups of water, juice of 2 fresh lemons and about a cup of brown sugar and a few shakes of cinnamon and ended up with this. Ollie devours it. What a great snack to pull off the shelf.

Applesauce cake-4 I canned about 10 pints and left a couple in the fridge for immediate consumption.canned applesauce

The spiced applesauce cake is a recipe from Gourmet Magazine, September 2009. Here you will find the recipe which also includes a cream cheese frosting. Honestly, it didn’t interest me at this time. I went for a dusting of powdered sugar.

The cake making went like this…


Applesauce cake-8dry ingredients including cinnamon, ginger and cloveApplesauce cake-5brown sugar and butter
Applesauce cake-6our farm eggs beaten into the butter and sugar

Applesauce cake-7with my new favorite vanilla from Beanilla also at Chez Chloe…

Applesauce cake-9The applesauce is mixed into the wet ingredients.  Then at low speed combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and add the optional walnuts if you like. I  like.

Applesauce cake-10I prefer a round tin to the often called for square tin. Here I went with a springform.

Applesauce cake-11Baked at 350° for about 45 minutes.

Applesauce cake-12Et bon voila…i still have a little french rattling around in there. Often German comes out when I want to speak French and vice a versa.

Applesauce cake-13

Funny enough with the languages… the German pours out when I talk to people here in the USA. I think because it’s an unexpected surprise. So hearing anything people are impressed. When I’m in Germany, I’m a shy little mouse listening, observing, and speak when spoken to. I feel the pressure. And I always come home with every intention to study Rosetta Stone!

Viel Spaß! xx

21 responses

  1. Please make this next time I visit!! Sounds scrumptious. In the meantime, I laughed out loud at your comment..

    “even our rats eat organic” !! Love you. Mom


  2. I love that it’s healthy and not too sweet. This looks delicious, and is very similar to an apple cake I actually make every once in awhile!
    “LOL” The comment from: Mom… don’t know what details I need to fill in here.. what do you want to know?! says: is adorable and funny!


  3. This I must try … love the look of your apple sauce or as we call “äpple mos”, so lovely thick and big chunks. But on the other hand I wouldn’t expect anything else from you, Wendy …Visit your store page … lovely layout – I hope of all my heart that you are doing well.


    • Apfelmus… good stuff. We like it chunky. I always use a little cinnamon (zimt… what is it in Swedish?) which is not the norm in Germany but Ollie eats this stuff up. It actually makes me want to can again. My kids got tired of it and I had stopped doing it for years. We have so many apple trees. We pressed 30 gallons of juice and there was still fruit on the trees.


      • Cinnamon in Swedish – kanel.
        30 gallon of juice – that is a lot of apples … my god!!!
        Are you selling it in your shop or will you be able to drink it all yourselves??? We have apple brewery here in my county … stunning place and they do so many products from their apples .. I love their apple and courgette chutney with grilled fish.


  4. This cake looks delicious! I love that it can be so versatile – I would definitely reach for this after a workout or for breakfast! But with that decadent looking caramel drizzled on top, this would be the star of a dinner party!


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