cider press 2014 & cider glazed pork roast

That time of the year again…

cider pressing 2014@

Another lovely fall apple pressing, year 2014! Ollie, excited about his first pressing EVER was raring to go. That’s my guy.

cider pressing 2014@

He made about 50 trips back and forth with the barrels of peelings to the pile we set up for the deer (photo from last year). What a champ.

cider pressing 2014@

And my beautiful mermaid also got down to business.

cider pressing 2014@ wendyellenthomas.comWe started picking apples a few days beforehand- We have highly sophisticated techniques.

cider pressing 2014

I get better each year with set up-

cider pressing 2014@

cider pressing 2014-8

Here’s the lot we did- with still loads more on the trees.

cider pressing 2014@

Can’t say these guys were much help with picking…

cider pressing 2014-3

Especially when knocking over the wheelbarrow and forcing me to fight for each apple. They like to just take a nibble off each and move on.

cider pressing 2014@

And so we begin…

cider pressing 2014-11

The beautiful day prompted shorts and t-shirts- our group got bigger…

cider pressing 2014-13Our youngest helper- ho hum.

cider pressing 2014-10I love it when our neighbors pull up totally ready to rock it-

cider pressing 2014 @ wendyellenthomas.comno messin’ around with these guys!

cider pressing 2014-19Our neighbors -who happen to be two adorable brothers. Thanks guys!

cider pressing 2014-17cider pressing 2014-16We all worked hard

cider pressing 2014-20

and pressed about 70 gallons 🙂 I promise I did more than take photos!

cider pressing 2014-15If I were a bee this is how I’d want to go-

cider pressing 2014-18In the evening, we celebrated the bounty drinking cider and using it for the pork roast. I started by reducing fresh cider.

cider glazed pork_-3The roast was searedcider glazed pork_Covered in remaining garden veggies and apples that had been seared in the same pan following the pork loin. I drizzed the glaze over it and sprinkled with fresh minced rosemarycider glazed pork_-4Cooked at 400 for only about 30 minutes till the internal temp reached 140°- we like it pink. Tack on sides of spaghetti squash and kale…cider glazed pork_-5Et bon voila… harvest dinner. yum.

cider glazed pork_-6PS- Take your juices from the pork roast and whisk into the reduced cider. Add a 1/2-1tsp to your liking of dijon mustard. This just takes it to the next level.

Cheers and happy fall!

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  1. Fantastic!! I love events like this when everyone chips in to get the job done and then celebrates afterward. Haven’t done that for a while. When I was a kid, we had apple trees in our yard and every year we’d pick them (usually shake the tree) and my mom would make tons of apple sauce, apple butter, pies . . . I can still smell all the apples. Thanks for sharing.


    • Your so welcome.
      We did a lot of shaking- and now it’s time for some picking before they all drop or get ate up by the birds. I’m still on for a few pints of apple sauce myself. I love a little apple butter too – used to love letting it cook down for hours on the wood stove.


    • Honestly, we are so grateful and spoiled. I can hardly imagine living somewhere without fruit trees!
      We had so much rain just after the pressing the deer were a little remiss this year in clean up. But they’ve just about got it finished up now.


  2. Hi Sweetie So wish I could have been there; looks like so much fun. But the very wonderful photos made me feel like I was almost there! And also would love to be there to share that magnificent pork roast. Willie told me about Chloe’s green hair.. she has her own special way of being unique! I leave for Panama tomorrow, will call you before I go. Love you. Mom.


  3. Fantastic photos! And I love the commentary with them. Isn’t it wonderful having neighbours that are happy to help. Makes such a difference. Ours helped us harvest our olives. Brilliant! Your pork roast looks so delish … love the idea of the cider into the roast juices. 🙂


  4. One of my favorite fall events has been pressing cider. I think I may have mentioned to you last year that we have the same cider press. 🙂 You had a lovely ending to the day.


  5. I have never experienced this, I hope some day I get the opportunity! What fun with your friends joining in as well, did they have their own apples to press? Is the machine something you buy or something you put together on your own, it seems quite efficient. I’m going to keep this recipe in mind, for now I’m craving apples and a pork roast!


  6. I feel like I just escaped to the country for the day (even though I am sitting in a fluorescent-lit office!). Such lovely photos, teamwork, delicious food, fresh cider! Ah, Wendy this is so beautiful! I love the combination of pork and apple. A classic but oh so perfect. Looks like you cooked everything beautifully, so tender and moist. Thanks for sharing this apple pressing adventure with us 🙂


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