Grilled veggies, millet, greens, cocoa chili dressing

Grilled red peppers, yellow squash, zucchini and pork shoulder chops on a bed of greens and millet is topped with a dressing concocted of olive oil, grilled red pepper, cocoa powder,worcester sauce, honey and a dash of lemon. You can add as much heat as desired. This recipe is based on the one I found in the June issue of Yoga Journal (a favorite of mine) and I think it’s a great one for this holiday weekend.

summer veggies, cocoa chili dressing-6I think it would be just as lovely as it was written in Yoga Journal with grilled corn, black beans and a mesclun mix. But I opted for pork (just bought a LOT of local pork) and our garden greens which at the moment are tender young kale and spinach. I made the millet the night before and warmed it up with some broth- a little water and salt would do just fine.

summer veggies, cocoa chili dressing-3These shoulder chops are big and meaty so I only grilled two and cut them in strips to cut down on the meat portion (sorry Ollie). I used this very flavorful Mesquite smoked salt, from Saltworks in Seattle, that I love and yes do sell at Chez Chloe. It’s not online at my store yet so call if you want some and I’ll hook you up!


I drizzled a little olive oil onto the chops and sprinkled with the El Dorado, the mesquite smoked salt, on both sides. I grilled the chops at about 400° on our gas grill. The veggies were tossed as well with a little olive oil and Saltworks fine Himalayan pink salt.
summer veggies, cocoa chili dressing I work hard at temp control and ideally go for marks without scorching. Who doesn’t right?summer veggies, cocoa chili dressing-2The dressing (check out link to Yoga Journal) is a blend of a little water,  ½ cup of skinned, just roasted red pepper, honey, worcester sauce, unsweetened cocoa powder, mild pepper and cayenne if desired… I used ½ dried chili pepper from last year’s garden. What I felt the dressing needed was a little pick me up. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice brightened it up with a dash of salt. My dried pepper was also one spicy little bitch. Enough that when I took the top off it in the afternoon and proceeded to touch my lips, they burned for a good while. It took me about a half hour to put two and two together. Like the after burn of stinging nettles.
summer veggies, cocoa chili dressing-6
I piled on the greens and dressed them with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon. Topped it with seasoned millet, added the veggies and pork, topped with the chili dressing and garnished with a little cilantro that happened to be in the fridge. Avocado would be a nice addition as well.
So while I do think it is a wee bit early in this neck of the woods here in Western WA to be pulling summer vegetables from your own garden, they are pretty readily available and I think it would be a great dish for this holiday weekend. Hence, my haste in actually writing two posts in one week:)
 Have a lovely long weekend and be sure to share time and good food with great friends!

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  1. We’ve cut way back on meat and increased the veg too. it just seems like the right thing to do. I would be VERY happy with this dish and that dressing sounds wonderful!

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  2. Reblogged this on Tana Daily Telegraph and commented:
    Certainly, you can’t go wrong with pork shoulders. It’s my preferred meat when I think of grilling. Mostly because it’s white meat as opposed to red meat. And your choice of veggies is just as remarkable. Thanks for sharing this recipe; a good day to try it out, indeed.

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  3. This dish sounds amazing “pork shoulder chop” not a cut I have very often at all Especially a chop like this… normally I would just braise the whole shoulder and shred the meat down like this dish tho

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  4. Wow!! This meal made me drool. Not only is the presentation lovely, but the ingredients look very healthy and satisfying. I love how easy it looks to make and I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  5. Oh yum. Great post- I’m going to try this next week! My spinach and arugula is growing nicely and I think this is a perfect recipe to have them in. I also have lots of pork and some millet that I haven’t tried yet! This recipe sings to me 😉

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  6. This is so good.. healthy and fast to prepare.. Suitable for student who wanna have healthy food prepared at short period of time with less complicating ingredients. 🙂

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  7. Reblogged this on My Happy Place and commented:
    Yum sure looks good. I wish I could grill (I have some friends that ROCK at grilling) but sadly I stink at grilling AND I live on the third floor in an apartment complex with no public grills or areas to grill. Sad times!


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  10. So inspired! I tried planting strawberries but didn’t plan too well not to mention the excruciating heat. Maybe I should convince landlord to turn the flower bed into vegetable bed. You make me want to grow


  11. YUM. Just yum. I have to try this dressing, I never would’ve thought to make a cocoa chilli mix (though it does make perfect sense, as I’ve added cocoa/chocolate to mole and to chili con carne on a number of occasions). Yay for local pork too 😉

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