got GOATS!

Hi campers! How was your spring? We are busy little monkeys around here. I took an unspoken blogging “break”… lots of real time action for us has meant putting my photos and writing on the back burner.

We had a couple of kids last month! Basically from November 20th when our Nubian doe, Shirley had her “encounter” with Jimmy Mac until about 2 weeks before Shirley gave birth- I wasn’t 100% sure the deed was done. After all, the moment consisted of little foreplay and lasted about as long as the time it took Ollie to unscrew his coffee cup to check how hot it was. We had anticipated a little kickback time and literally it was done as he screwed the cap back on. But then Rocky and Jane happened April 22nd…

goats 5-15-2

goats 5-15-4

Earth Day presents and Ollie’s birthday… so birthday lunch was postponed and we pretty much stayed close to home all day.

goatsI of course have spent loads of time reading and watching videos on goat births. We even spent a couple days with our friends at Mountain Lodge Farm near Tacoma. They birthed about 200 kids this year. We witnessed 5:)

goats 5-15-5I had the birthing kit ready. Only thing I didn’t get was the rubber gloves and K-Y Jelly. And in our little town I missed hearing the nervous chuckle that would have likely ensued at the checkout of our one and only pharmacy.

goats 5-15-12I looked out that morning from our porch like always and saw everyone but Shirley hanging out like they  do… waiting for the gate to open and us to appear. The difference was, I swear, they were all staring into the shed.. The sheep, Helen and Irene, and the other goats, Dinah and Nena looked in there like some kind of cruel and unusual punishment had just happened. I threw on some boots and yelled out to Ollie- IT HAPPENED!

goats 5-15-3And sure enough after 5 months and looking like this at the end-

shirley April 17

There were 2 little goat babies in the shed surrounded by a lot of goo…. Not in the nice, sanitary, freshly hayed “birthing suite” I had prepared in our barn that is really more of a shop- so I had moved work benches around to to create. With the buckling almost dry and the doeling still damp, we did get them into the barn and I started reading my printed materials on newborn kids.

They were slow to walk- was this normal? Now I think I could say yes. Jane seemed to be born second and was a little weaker. We actually milked a little colostrum, the liquid gold, and pumped it in her mouth to get her going. Then I held them up to her to start. After just a few days of me not interfering, or of wondering if they were getting enough milk, or if they were nursing out of both sides… once I let nature actually do its thing… there was a lot of this going on-

We decided to have these kids be “dam raised” meaning they will stick with their mom to nurse and learn the way of the goat. We spend a lot of time handling them and playing and they are not shy to come to us- especially for morning and evening snuggles. Yes- I know what you are thinking but you would so do the same. And trust me- if you had one in your arms you would be swaying it like a baby stomach down… You don’ t even realize it.

goats 5-15-11Janegoats 5-15-7Rocky

goats 5-15-6They have already learned the joys of rough cut siding.

goats 5-15-9And who has been the most patient with these little creatures? Dinah. She’s getting her rub on too- It’s a thing with goats. Well hell- we all like it. Right?

goats 5-15-10Ollie did get his annual ultimate strawberry shortcake  birthday cake that night.

wendyellenthomas.comBut it had a little less fussing around than this one- This pic has been like a blog hit royalty check on Pinterest!

Strawberry cake-12So we’ll say good bye now and try to check in at least a few times this summer! Enjoy:)


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  1. Congratulations! There are few things as cute as a baby goat. I raised twins to a Nubian/Alpine cross and loved them all. Gentle creatures and funny to have around. Have a wonderful summer. Diane


  2. Wendy, what a zoo you have those day … what a fantastic post – who can not love those small ones.???!!!! I’m glad that you all of you are doing well … 2 legged and 4 legged on the “farm”.
    Your images are so beautiful … you and mr O have your own little Garden of Eden.
    I wish you both a fantastic summer … and I hope to see you again soon. Miss you!


    • It is a bit of a zoo- maybe a few ducks needed is all… and our garden of Eden. I’m so happy being here. Miss you too and hope to have more time now to catch up – I love jumping back in. xx wt


    • I just want to have more- but they grow and take up resources. So realistically we will need to find homes for the kids- although it will have to be a very good home. It would be hard to imagine them in the soup pot… I’ve bonded and will have to learn to NOT do that in the future. I’m especially attached to Jane:)

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  3. The babies grow so fast, but still are cute as ever. We had such a fun visit with you all the week they were born. Thank you for sharing all the adorable pictures.


  4. I just realized BOTH my daughters are midwives! I so appreciate these fantastic pictures Wendy. Makes me feel like I was there. Almost. Close enough! Congratulations on your brand new “kids.”. These two might be a little easier to raise than the two-legged ones! Love Mom


    • Yeah- kind of. Except I missed the birth- hopefully that’s not happening to Mary too often! And yes- they are already virtually independent- I feel like more of an auntie. Perfect. xox


    • It’s one of those things you know people are doing it all the time- with loads of births. But it’s pretty special the first time and with such a small herd. We’ve really loved the experience and I’m grateful it all went so smoothly this first time around.


  5. So nice to see your post today! They are so adorable. I imagine it must have been a bit nerve wracking in the beginning. Your photographs are wonderful and nice to hear your farm is growing…


  6. Hi Wendy! Congrats on the twin’s birth! Remember we met at the P2P workshop in Somerset in May 2012 – three long years ago when you still lived in Germany. I loved to read about your exciting changes, moving to the island surrounded by animals and close to nature.


  7. How wonderful to have little babies! You’re right, I’d be cuddling way more than I should.

    The strawberry cake is beautiful!


  8. This is a wonderful post!
    Love the little ones.
    I’m still working on the TV series starring Kim Cattrall. Will be free to blog more in about a month. Sigh!


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