Did somebody say Versatile Blogger?..(smiles).

Oh to be acknowledged. It’s like high school all over. I feel seen. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this blogging platform. Writing, cooking, reading great blogs and taking loads of pictures. And last night I got a little note in my mail from creativenoshing that she was nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was one happy camper going to sleep. After a great day with my fam, I looked so forward to sitting at the computer and writing this post. The meusli post can wait till tomorrow!

So Chloe says to me this morning as I darted from the table to my  kitchen window with the perfect natural light… with the last three mini croissants, butter,  my homemade kumquat jam and a little cheese knife… she says, “Boy, you are really into taking pictures of food lately. It’s getting kinda weird.”

I said, “Yeah, I’m a little obsessed,” as I carefully arranged my croissants, marmalade and cheese knife about sixteen different ways and stood on the heavy wooden stool that has become a permanent fixture in a place where I manage to to run into it several times a day thus maintaining a permanent bruise on my knee. “But I’m just having so much damn fun.” I replied. “And last night, I got an award.”

“That’s cool.” Chloe grinned, nodded her head a couple times and turned back to making chocolate chip pancakes with grated orange.

Now I just hope I can get this post done before our internet goes off at 11pm (it’s weekend and we get an extra two hours). Nope. I’m back the next morning…Where was I…oh yes…

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