new york city 2/14 last day

The final installment of new york city Feb 2014. I’m literally regurgitating (i mean that in a good way) the final long and productive day of tromping ten hours from mid town to Brooklyn and back with a few trains in the middle. You saw this one before- the day started with a little snow.

NYC Feb 2014 post 3-3

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New York City snapshots- Brooklyn to Upper East Side

I loved my four days in NYC. Both great quality time and fun do nothing time with my son and plenty of plodding around the city on my own. Each of my five of my senses, often simultaneously stimulated, could give you a recount of how we spent the days. Here is a visual recap with some support from the others.

I had a fun morning in Brooklyn visiting with my niece who pushed about eight pounds of fruits and vegetables through a juicer to produce two large gorgeous glasses of fresh juice. Sweet from the apple, with a bite from the kale, plus a hint of lemon, a reprieve from my days of indulgence. This deserved a photo but I was to wrapped up in the moment. So nice to have a few quiet moments face to face to catch up a little. Before wandering from her apartment we watched a NYPD traffic van illegally back up and rear end another car. Ouch. Also wrapped up in that moment, the cars were clearing as I thought to get my camera. Auditory… check.

From her apartment I wandered down Myrtle Ave, past Fort Greene Park in the direction of Pratt. As I mentioned, my grandparents met at Pratt Institute in 1924, fell in love and produced my father. Tragically, my grandfather, out for a spin on a buddy’s new motorcycle, died in an accident on that spur of the moment trip around the block. He left behind a small toddler and a woman who I believe lost her true love. But all events lead us to today and here I am, grateful.  Willie Thomas, my father, jazz musician and a legend in his own mind, also spent many years in this same neighborhood as a doorman by day and a fierce horn blower by night. I snapped shots of interest as I walked.

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