Raw Energy bars

Hello again…

Summer is winding up and we are flush with garden vegetables and fruits yet, I still love to make these raw nut and seed bars. They are a nice fit after yoga or to help fill in the hunger gaps creeping into my afternoons. I’m one of those people that rarely awaits the pang of hunger. Now and again I like to feel it… but rarely.

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raw bars - wendyellenthomas.comI use a base of almonds, cashews and dates and sometimes hazelnuts get thrown in depending what’s on hand. I find the cashews help a little more with binding and it’s important for it not to be too dry or they really crumble apart.  I’ve tried my new vitamix (which I LOVE) but really this recipe is working better in the cuisinart.

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Muesli for Monthly Mingle

First off… HaPPy SoLsTicE!

This month’s Monthly Mingle, hosted by it’s founder Meeta at What’s for Lunch Honey will have you pulling the grains, nuts and seeds from the recesses of your cabinets and freezers.

My muesli here, a recycled post from the winter will be new to most, as Chez Chloe only enjoyed the company of six followers back then, which included my parents, sister and husband.

I’m happy to see my photo skills have progressed since then and I’ve at least learned to turn off the overhead, fluorescent lights… when I remember.

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