Chez Chloe bricks and mortar

I want to share a new venture on the horizon…I’m re-opening my little shop, Chez Chloe. It’s focused on kitchen and housewares, specialty foods and I’ll be branching out just a wee bit into body care- can’t go wrong with luxury soap and lotions I say. Here are a couple quick picks of the beginning…

The storefront, located in Eastsound on Orcas Island ( at Christmas)- It’s still the same minus the green trimming. It will be loads of fun opening this garage door to the sidewalk and passersby (how do you pluralize that one!)


And a little gander inside. There is a lack of windows… ok no windows… but due to to the glass front it still receives plenty of light.
IMG_2962It’s the perfect size for me to fix up and work mostly on my own.
IMG_3301And here is trusty shop dog doing his part keeping me company:-)
IMG_3305Me and my navigator rented a van to pick up fixtures in Seattle. I bought a few display pieces and berry bushes. I had a van after all. One dozen bare root blueberries, some raspberries, and yes… a few perennials. Did I mention we rented a van. I was like, should we go to Costco and buy bulk toilet paper and paper towels? Maybe some trash cans? Otis thought a couple very large boxes of milk bones should be added to the list. Chloe loved it too… brings out that kid side of us like man, we could just live in this thing.
IMG_3343Next up is orange muffins and chai glaze… and NYC… where I head to this week to visit my son and do a little R&D. Research and development. Or relax and dine.
Tchüß xx

orange carrot muffins-6
One Year Ago: (I keep forgetting to add this):
Sushi for St Patty – Step by step sushi making
LAST NOTE: i’ve got a query into the mystery of the floating arrow!

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  1. Wow. Wendy … congratulations! Love the location of the shop and .. I can’t wait for your progress .. Otis have a big part in it – I can see *smile Enjoy NYC … make it read for me – and make some posts out of your visit – enjoyed your last ones so much.
    Land safely and delight yourself.


  2. This is so exciting!! Now I am understanding the move from EUROPE to Orcas Island. What a great adventure you are starting on. Can’t wait to see and hear more about it. Wishing you booming success!! Hugs to your furry buddy. : )


  3. I’m sure your shop will be successful!! Next you’re planning a trip to Seattle let me know…I always need a good excuse to get off my little island!!!


      • I haven’t started to Twitter yet…and FB is not my top priority either…I need some time for myself, too 😉 and not always just with the electronic devices 😉
        Looking forward to more pics and stories about the new store 😉 xo take care and have a great weekend! 🙂


    • Me too! It’s sometimes nerve wracking and overwhelming and then totally exciting and fun to watch it unfold/evolve. It’s only 450sf- I can only imagine when people land in huge spaces. Cheers!


    • WOOT WOOT… like that. I’ll have some shop stories this summer. I do hope to stay regular- and I don’t mean with my fiber. Just give me a little kick in the pants if too much time slips by. When do you graduate? Are you drawing up bakery plans yet??


  4. Wendy! How thrilling is this! I’m so excited for you…I’m actually kind of excited for me too! We make it up to Seattle every once in a while from Portland, and Orcas is just a hop across the water from there! How fun it would be to meet you and see your shop-creation (and maybe love on your sweet dog!) Have a lovely time in NYC however you decide to R & D!


    • As I mentioned above- I’ve met a couple fellow bloggers and it’s really great. I’d love to see you on Orcas Island and you can give Otis a little lovin. I’m having a great weekend so far…Just need to find a few minutes to post some pics! cheers x wendy


  5. A new venture now that is exciting! Looking forward to seeing and hearing of your progress.
    You have a shop dog – ho wmuch is he going to enjoy that job!
    and the berry bushes – it would have been rude not to have used the van properly
    Now I’m of fto do some R&D tonight 🙂 Happy days and best wishes with the shop!


  6. Oh I am so over the moon excited Wendy!! I can’t wait to come visit. Yay!!! I will spread the word on my local facebook page and tell everyone I can think of. Let me know how else I can help you. Congratulations!!


  7. I am a fan of your definition of R&D – we think alike, my friend – especially when it comes to NYC (my favourite place in the world – hope to live there some day). I’ve spent quite a bit of time there scouring for the best places (to eat, mostly…) and have compiled a must-try NYC list. If you’re ever in need of inspiration, I’d be happy to send it your way. Your shop space looks wonderful!


  8. Congratulations Wendy! Apologies they’re belated but truly heartfelt nonetheless. I saw your most recent post with all those fabulous boxes and goodies. Amazing!!! I think that this is definitely a new & exciting chapter, plus it’ll be interesting to see how you find it running the business second time round. Look forward to more developments in the future 🙂

    Ps that golden furry shop boy of yours is darling, my how he’s grown and so quickly!


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