new york 2/14 second part

My first morning of NOT sleeping in and having brunch at 1pm meant getting myself up and out at 7.45am in this. I had the challenging opportunity to stay calm and carry on… but maybe not the way I had planned. Life’s like that right?NYC Feb 2014 post 2

And then here I am two weeks later…trying to find a chunk of time to sort through photos. A general, oft said statement and a valid dilemma in the day and age of digital photography. Not only sorting the bigger trips and excursions but the daily snapshots that are sometimes almost too easy to capture. My poor, only eighteen month old computer shouts daily “start up disk almost full” or when its pants are really in a wedgy “start up disk full”… and I have to force quit and clean out a corner.

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Chez Chloe officially open!

CC opening day-2

Woohoo. We did it. Here are a few opening day photos taken by a friend who dropped by with an awesome camera and a wide angle lens… and the ability to give them to me on the spot. Thanks Mr Gene Nery. You are awesome.

CC opening day-3

It was a gentle opening with friends and passersby giving me very positive feedback and some time to work out a few technicalities.

CC opening day

It was a beautiful sunny day with the garage door wide open.

CC opening day-4

I’ll get back on track with some recipes soon!


Chez Chloe bricks and mortar

I want to share a new venture on the horizon…I’m re-opening my little shop, Chez Chloe. It’s focused on kitchen and housewares, specialty foods and I’ll be branching out just a wee bit into body care- can’t go wrong with luxury soap and lotions I say. Here are a couple quick picks of the beginning…

The storefront, located in Eastsound on Orcas Island ( at Christmas)- It’s still the same minus the green trimming. It will be loads of fun opening this garage door to the sidewalk and passersby (how do you pluralize that one!)


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