New York City: Day one on foot

Here’s a little visual recap of my first day in NYC. Instead of dropping my son at school with a kiss and a wave goodbye, it was at work. I watched him swipe his card to disappear behind the ’employee only’ door with a proud smile on my face.  On my own till lunch at 1.45, I began to traipse south from Madison Square Park…

Not having had breakfast, I started at the Union Square Farmer’s Market

NYC March 2013 Day 1 copy

Even city folk want to plant something.
NYC March 2013 Day 1

Wasn’t sure if an ostrich bone would fit in my carry-on.

NYC March 2013 Day 1-2Loads of local going on here.

NYC March 2013 Day 1-3Picked up a couple rounds of 100% sourdough rye (must find myself a starter) an apple, a little raw milk gouda, goat tomme, lemon marmalade and ate it in the park as if it weren’t 30 degrees outside.

NYC March 2013 Day 1-4

The rye, marmalade and cheese were a hit.
NYC March 2013 Day 1-5

Next stop- Palais Des Thés. You’ll find this lovely, fragrant tea at Chez Chloe next month.NYC March 2013 Day 1-6Two friendly ladies at the Soho tea shop showed me around making me want to double my order.

NYC March 2013 Day 1-7On to Abc Home and Carpet to get inspired. Wonderful displays like this one of there candle selections. I’m excited about one artisan line from Chicago I’ll carry called Tatine.
NYC March 2013 Day 1-21 This beautiful line of ceramics is something to admire… not sure yet if it will make an appearance at Chez Chloe. The website alone is cooler than cool.
NYC March 2013 Day 1-20 NYC March 2013 Day 1-19 Chocolate break time. Mariebelle. Beautiful packaging and a pretty price tag. Don’t forget your free shot of spicy aztec hot chocolate. I love it’s richness and very low sugar.NYC March 2013 Day 1-9 NYC March 2013 Day 1-8

Onward and downward (remember I’m traveling south). Fishs Eddy and an awesome display of varied dishware to mix and match.NYC March 2013 Day 1-18 NYC March 2013 Day 1-17Have you heard of Purl? I’ve hardly even knitted the last couple years except for O’s Christmas stocking but when I happen to pass by this store I have to slip in (no pun intended… there’s a slip knot if you don’t knit).  Anyhoo…catching this reflection was a bonus. Notice I’m liking the ripped edge border.
NYC March 2013 Day 1-10Don’t forget to look up when you walk in cool places.NYC March 2013 Day 1-11Mid afternoon break at Eataly. NYC March 2013 Day 1-12This was my favorite. “Don’t be shy. Take as many photos as you like then send the best one to us”
NYC March 2013 Day 1-15 Some people are impressed by the pasta (sorry for fuzzy photo)NYC March 2013 Day 1-13I was impressed by the meat- rabbit, duck, pigeon and rendered duck fat. NYC March 2013 Day 1-14Must have a macchiatto before heading back to the streets.NYC March 2013 Day 1-16A quick break here to rest my tootsies, power up on a little rye bread, cheese and marmalade. Only 1.7 miles back to the apartment.NYC March 2013 Day 1-22The last event of the evening was an amazing dinner at Prune. More on Prune and other nibbles soon…IMG_3425

I’ll be back…

Tschüß xx

21 responses

  1. Thanks for this great report .. just checked Purne out, looking good, goes on file – love your gallery here and I can’t wait to get down to Soho, Chelsea and the Village … soon there. I know the feeling with 1,7 miles left to home – have every day when I travel.
    I use to eat toast rye bread with cheese and jam – food for us angels. *smile Can’t wait for the next post.


  2. I loved your trip report. I was just in NYC last weekend (hoping to post on that soon) but an entirely different kind of trip – no shopping! I don’t think I could have gone to all of those great stores you showed without wanting to BUY! I’m looking forward to the day two report!


  3. What fun! You hit some great places. Your coffee looks wonderful. And you got some fab shots of the city. I do like that Purl one with the reflection–well done!


  4. I love Prune! You managed to hit so many places in one day. So many fancy one too! You seem to be doing fina but let me know if you need any tips.


  5. O I do love NY! Clearly Wendy does too! You’ve captured so much in such a short span of time! How very fun this must be with your son’s connection to school there! I haven’t been to Purl, but now Must! Thanks for the tour. Hope the weather holds for you and that the rest of your stay is as good as its start!


  6. It sounds like you had a super lovely day in NYC. And the photos you are showing make me wonder what to expect in your new CHEZ CHLOE shop 😉 ?!?!?
    Have a great day and tschüß 🙂


  7. What a lovely post Wendy. Sounds like such a treat to be with your son and to have such a productive day checking out so many interesting things! Sounds like you had a great time. I’m so excited to see what comes of all this and can’t wait to see more of your shop as its reopening takes shape! 😀


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