new york 2/14… first part

I left Seatac airport over two hours late last Friday, due to the arrival plane’s mechanical difficulties. Under the notion I’d be spending the night in Chicago, IL left me a) disappointed to think I wouldn’t even have time to make it downtown for a look around and b) that I truly wished to have a dash more enthusiasm for the Super Bowl in which case I could have at least been able to partake in the mass craze of blue and green jerseys and paraphernalia. Go Seahawks… and we all now know they did.

Flying out of Seattle and over the mountains…

NYC Feb 2014

Incredible patterns we never consider when we are within them. Such a different perspective.

NYC Feb 2014 out we wouldn’t be staying the night in Chicago they announced as we landed. Taking off from there at 10.45pm, we were on a special added late flight to New York… had to get those fans to the game! Again, just intrigued by light and pattern from above. I forgot how much I enjoy flying at night.

NYC Feb 2014

We arrived in Newark at 2am with the time change. Best thing after actually getting into the city, was lack of cars on the streets. Only a short 20 minutes to Manhatten.

Slept late and went straight for lunch the next day.

Perfectly crisped fries and a Nicoise salad topped with seared rare tuna at Edward’s in Tribeca.

NYC Feb 2014 Edward's NYCCool stand alone building I saw on a walk through Tribeca.

NYC Feb 2014 many shots catch my eye walking around the city. These trees for instance.
NYC Feb 2014

Saturday night was spent eating my first over indulgent meal after three weeks of juicing and very clean eating. It was some kind of glorious meal and fun company.

Champagne. Artisanal fois gras, a light brown bread and a shooter glass with sweet wine presented beautifully on a piece of slate. Followed by Paula Wolfert’s, Toulouse cassoulet found in The Cooking of Southwest France and slow cooked in this traditional pot found on Etsy.

NYC Feb 2014

Followed by a cheese course and a dessert of a light sponge cake served in small glasses topped with a thick layer of lightly sweetened, whipped cream and berries. AND just a few home-made cannelles. Thanks Jim and Alexander! What a treat. Sorry it’s a text only rendition. Taking photos didn’t seem appropriate on this first visit:)

The next day another late one and we started with brunch at The Dutch in Soho.

NYC Feb 2014 That’s me reflecting.The Dutch NYC

First a coffee At Once Upon A Tart while we waited for a table. The interior here is looking a little worn out but the food still great. And I love their book, Once Upon a Tart.

NYC Feb 2014

Brunch with my awesome son… eating kimchi, shrimp fried rice with a couple fried eggs. Thought of you Alice @ Girl in a Food Frenzy

NYC Feb 2014

A cornmeal waffle with toasted pecan butter and maple syrup.

NYC Feb 2014

We sat at the bar

NYC Feb 2014

Good quality, flavors and portions in a nice atmosphere. Brunch was really lunch till 2pm when we had the luxury of time and they the luxury of space for us to linger and chat.

The Dutch, Soho

A walk through one of my favorite drugstores, C.O.Bigelow in the village.NYC Feb 2014

I could buy this kind of stuff all day. S U C K E R is written in bold letters across my forehead. Although this line did look quite nice.

NYC Feb 2014

 Fireworks viewed from the window of my son’s friend’s apartment where we watched the Super Bowl. Just across the river there is the stadium.

NYC Feb 2014, if I’m honest, I was listening to it while I made dinner…which included chocolate mousse made by hand due to lack of electric gadgets. We all took turns whipping egg whites and cream. I did attempt to watch the second half. What a brutal game.
NYC Feb 2014
Come Monday morning, it was time for a little work.

NYC Feb 2014

More to come…

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25 responses

  1. Love traveling along with you Wendy, can’t wait to read more. Sorry you didn’t get to see any of Chicago from ground level but to be honest, it has been a horrendous winter. Oh, that corn meal waffle looks good 🙂


    • It really has been. I’ve spent some great time with my son and have plenty of new ideas and new lines for the store. It’s always and exciting trip. I love the thrill of new york and I love watching the everyday parts.


  2. I ♥ NY!
    Love,love this post. I’m definitely going to visit some of your food haunts next time I go! Looking forward to your next installment.
    Super Bowl? I dozed off then the Red Hot Chili Peppers woke me up so I could fall asleep for the second half! “lol” _Resa xo


  3. Hi Wendy, Love this little bit of armchair travel via your eats and so thrilled you thought of me (when you) were enjoying that delicious rice, egg, shrimp & kimchi meal.

    I think NY just might be my spiritual home, if not my shopping home! I’m yet to visit, but I look forward to reading more on your adventure.



    • I think you would love it as much as I, and so many do. It’s funny how the blogging world has brought in another layer of friendships and faces as I move through life. And people we’ve never physically met but know we’d get on immediately with if we did! I’ve had fun taking pics as always- some of food and places and some of people walking through slushy snow in high healed boots.


  4. What isn’t there to love about this post …. great post, Wendy and your photos .. are planing to stopover in NYC next year on my way back from Lima, in January or Febr … so I have some new places to try out. That tuna … beautiful, just like I want mine. Have to bookmark you links. That photo with the red building – fantastic. I’m hope there will be some more from you and NYC!


      • I understand where you’re coming from – it’s a lot to take in .. and I have still posts to do about my visit in September. Been in NYC during winter before and I sort of like it …


  5. Great trip and so much to see and do and eat. It looks like you have had a great start and that Toulouse cassoulet looks like where I would want to start out. I have to get caught up with all of your posts. Have a super weekend. BAM


  6. Probably the best city for food…I think you could eat in a different restaurant everyday for years without repeating one. Enjoyed the post and the waffle sounds great.


  7. Wendy, sounds like you’re having a fabulous trip! Your photos are great and wow, I’m drooling over all the delicious food you’re eating! I can’t wait to go to NYC. It wasn’t until I read this post and saw that you flew out of Seatac that I realized you’re very close to where I live (I’m just about an hour away in Vancouver BC). One of these days, I need to make the trip to your store. I’d love the see all your products and meet in you in person!


  8. Amazing shots Wendy. Oh my gosh…. that waffle! Drooling! As I said before, this series is wonderful. Loving being able to explore alongside you. I must get there myself one day! xx


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